Aviation college picked by professional group for program rollout

Contact: Cheryl Roland
Planes on a runway at sunset.

WMU planes at the the College of Aviation (Photo credit: Josh Blain)

KALAMAZOO—Directors of a statewide professional aviation association will meet at Western Michigan University's College of Aviation in Battle Creek, Mich., Wednesday, Jan. 22, to announce the launch of a major outreach effort aimed at promoting business aviation careers for the next generation of aviators.

The Michigan Business Aviation Associations Board of Directors will convene at 6 p.m. that day to introduce the organization's new MBAA Education Initiative: Bridging the Gap Between Graduation and a Career in Business Aviation.

University leaders as well as students, faculty and staff of the College of Aviation will join a number of MBAA members to learn about the outreach plan that includes internship and scholarship opportunities as well as opportunities to network with corporate aviation leaders from a number of global corporations. Representatives from such companies as Amway, Bissell, Dow, Masco and Whirlpool are expected to attend.

The initiative is expected to provide opportunities in business aviation never before available to college students. MBAA offices say the effort will be carefully tracked and its success measured to ensure its long-term value and viability.

"We're out to provide an opportunity for aviation students to gain a greater understanding of business aviation by meeting with Michigan business aviation leaders," says Roger Salo, of Masco, who is MBAA board chair. "We're developing mentors and internship programs to provide pathways to business aviation careers. The MBAA is excited about this initiative and our ability to help our young people attain their dreams."

About MBAA

The MBAA is the joining of businesses and individuals with a common interest of working toward the preservation and development of an air transportation system and focuses on such topics as airport infrastructure and other aviation issues affecting the State of Michigan.

For a full listing of MBAA members, who are not just from Michigan, and to learn more about their ongoing efforts in the field of aviation, visit www.mibaa.org