Light Center research grant awarded to business professors

Contact: Margaret von Steinen
Photo of Dr. Bernard Han.


KALAMAZOO—Dr. Bernard Han and Dr. Andrew Targowski, Western Michigan University professors of business information systems, were recently awarded the third annual Timothy Light Center for Chinese Studies Research Grant for their book project, "Chinese Civilization in the 21st Century."

About the project

Han and Targowski will receive $3,000 to publish a book—in both the English and Chinese languages. The volume provides a comprehensive historical review, inspection and evaluation of the state of Chinese civilizations in the 21st century in times of accelerated globalization, and how that will impact worldwide dynamics now and into the future.

Photo of Dr. Andrew Targowski.


An interdisciplinary team composed of researchers from the United States, China and Europe (Poland), will contribute to the project to achieve a balance in approaches and judgments. It will compare Chinese civilizations to global counterparts in the areas of historiography, political science, culture study, economics and technology.

Light Center grants

Light Center Research Grants are awarded annually and provide support to WMU faculty members for research and creative activities that support the study of Greater China.

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