New TV spot infuses 'Go West' theme with new WMU imagery

contact: Emily Plucinak
| WMU News

KALAMAZOO, Mich.--Television viewers across the state are watching the new "Go West" commercial released this week by Western Michigan University.

WMU has introduced a new 30-second promotional television spot that expands on the "Go West" advertising campaign. The spot, produced by the Kalamazoo firm Rhino Media, showcases students on campus highlighting programs and activities such as aviation, basketball, dance, finance, football, geosciences and media studies.

The commercial will air in all major Michigan markets from October through December and again in the spring of 2015.  Locally, it can be seen on WWMT's 11 p.m. news show as well as on WXMI, WZZM and various cable networks.

"The most important thing is that you go. Step outside the norm to grow, to succeed. Push ahead and start something new," says the voiceover, reinforcing the idea that "Go West" is not a directional command but rather a state of mind.

"You'll experience challenges and victories, but not always in the ways that you'd expect," the narration continues as the custom-made music bed increases in tempo and volume. "The most important thing is that you go."

The commercial was leaked on WMU's social media channels earlier this week and has received positive feedback from students and the community. A former student posted on Facebook, "This looks like a Nike commercial. AWESOME!"

"The spot is more dramatic than what you normally see in higher education," says Chris Hunt, manager of marketing communication, who worked with Rhino to gather footage. We created a unique spot that evokes emotion and creates excitement about the University."

The video will also be used as a promotional tool on the website and within admissions. It replaces the previously used "Go West" commercial that featured scenery of campus to the tune of Rossinni's "William Tell Overture." 

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