WMU purchase of Eaton hangar will fill aviation college footprint

Contact: Cheryl Roland
Photo of WMU's College of Aviation.

WMU's College of Aviation

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Acting during their April 22 meeting, Western Michigan University trustees approved a proposed purchase agreement that will result in the addition of another hangar facility to the College of Aviation campus at Battle Creek's W.K. Kellogg Airport.

The board authorized the purchase of the Eaton Corp. hangar, which is in the middle of the College of Aviation campus. Purchase price of the hangar, which is located at 165 N. Helmer Road, is $400,000.

The growing college will use the new space to consolidate aircraft, systems instruction, laboratory equipment and aircraft into the same space. A new capstone course, which is an intensive maintenance operation simulation course, also will be based in the newly acquired facility.

In completing the deal, the University will assume a long-term land lease with the city of Battle Creek for the site on which the hangar is located. The University will make annual lease payments of $7,700 to the city until 2023 and, at that point, will have an option to extend the lease for an additional 10 years.

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