WMU Ethics Center sponsors contest on ethics of 'Star Wars'

Contact: Cara Barnes
Contest flier in Star Wars theme.

The contest ends Monday, Dec. 7.

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—The Western Michigan University Center for the Study of Ethics in Society is probing the outer reaches of the galaxy by holding a contest to find out the ethical lessons people have learned from the "Star Wars" action films.

The center's contest is titled "The Most Important Thing I Learned about Ethics from 'Star Wars.'" The contest asks area residents far and wide to write about their favorite ethical take-away from the famous film and book series.

Those wishing to enter are asked to post their answers on the center's Facebook page by Monday, Dec. 7, and could win a 1996 Kenner Tusken Raider action figure in the original box. The winner will be announced on Friday, Dec. 11, a week in advance of the general opening of the latest film, "The Force Awakens," set to hit theatres Friday, Dec. 18.

Entrants should limit their posts to 100 words and may include a "selfie." Entries will be judged based on originality and depth. Selected posts will be featured on the Ethics Center's website at wmich.edu/ethics.

To post an entry, visit facebook.com/wmuethics. Organizers say, "May the force be with you."

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