Multitalented microbiology student is highly lauded for her scholarship

Contact: Paula M. Davis
Photo of Carol Beaver.

Carol Beaver

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—With a background that includes working on fighter jet ejection seats as a U.S. Marine mechanic and nurturing the musical talents of children as an elementary school teacher, Carol Beaver is a woman of many talents and diverse interests.

Beaver chose to pursue her latest passion, scientific research, at WMU. And she has done so with distinction. The doctoral student has accumulated awards and accolades studying microbiology and biogeophysics in the laboratory of Dr. Silvia Rossbach, a professor of biological sciences and Beaver’s mentor.
"What I’m studying is how (certain microbes) break down oil and the byproducts of that process,” Beaver explains. "It’s fascinating that something so small can have such a big impact on what's happening to our environment."

Beaver believes that microbes, in addition to organically breaking down crude oil spills, also may be useful in naturally remediating other environmental problems.

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