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Photo of Collect/Project.KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Collect/Project will perform a free recital, "Transformed Realities," at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13, in Western Michigan University's Dalton Center Recital Hall.

The performance is an exploration and dialogue about states of tangibility and our own ever-ephemeral perceptions. The music caters to the specificities of Collect/Project, utilizing Shanna Gutierrez's highly specialized instruments and Frauke Aulbert's extended vocal techniques and range, coupled with fully interactive electronics.

Beginning with Luciano Berio's monumental "Altra Voce," the audience is immediately enveloped in with music that blends the live and electronic animations in such a way as to completely distort the sense of time and origin. Each piece focuses on different elements of these same ideas in wildly different ways, exploring vocal timbres, spatial and temporal relationships of sound, games of ancient Balinese shadow plays, and transformations of roles from narrator to subjective participant to an elusive vision. The perceptions of what is truth and what is only a mirage is left for the listeners' ears to decide.


As a transatlantic ensemble based in sister-cities Chicago and Hamburg, Collect/Project specializes in experimental music and performance with an interest in unorthodox and deeply collaborative experiences grounded not only in classical and contemporary performance techniques, but also steeped in popular and folkloric traditions. Described as "intrepid virtuosi refashioning musical experimentation" by George Lewis, Collect/Project seeks to deploy the creativity of the performer beyond what might be considered normal boundaries. Dedicated specialists and advocates of new music, Collect/Project regularly commissions new works, providing a wider exposure for the music of living composers. The group also participates in educational residencies with universities and festivals that seek to provide composers and performers an opportunity for experimentation and collaboration. Comprised of Shanna Gutierrez, flutes; Frauke Aulbert, voice; Eva Zöllner, accordion; and Francisco Castillo Trigueros, electronics, Collect/Project is dedicated to reshaping the way music is created and experienced.

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