Nominate colleagues for spring 2017 staff award

Contact: Jeanne Baron

WMU Make a Difference Award logo.KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Nominations for the spring 2017 round of Western Michigan University's semiannual Make a Difference awards are due Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Make a Difference is a campuswide peer-to-peer program that recognizes staff members for their accomplishments and daily investment of energy and creativity. It features semiannual and annual awards presented to non-faculty employees who provide exceptional service to the University.

Every fall and spring, semiannual awards are presented to a maximum of 15 people. Those selected for the accolade receive a before-tax prize of $300 and a certificate, are recognized at a special reception, and may be nominated for one of four Annual Make a Difference awards that carry a before-tax prize of $1,200.

The annual award goes to each year's most outstanding semiannual award recipients—the best of the best. Employees may win a semiannual award, and therefore an annual award, no more than once every five academic years.

Eligible employee groups

Nominations for Make a Difference awards are accepted for individuals who are eligible for membership in the following five employee groups.

  • Administrative Professional Association (nonbargaining group for salaried benefits-eligible Staff Compensation System employees)
  • American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
  • Michigan State Employees Association
  • Police Officers Association
  • Professional Support Staff Organization (nonbargaining group for hourly benefits-eligible Staff Compensation System employees)

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