Construction set to begin on WMU campus wayfinding effort

contact: Cheryl Roland
| WMU News

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Construction on new exterior signage and a reconfigured set of campus roadway and building signs will begin the first week of May and is designed to make it easier for people to navigate the Western Michigan University campus.

The effort, which is scheduled for completion by mid-August, has been in the planning stage for more than two years and has included input from faculty, staff and students. The national consulting firm Cloud Gehshan Associates has been working with a campuswide committee charged with making it easier for visitors to find and navigate the campus on foot and in vehicles.

Graphic depicting proposed gateway locations for the WMU campus.

Proposed gateway locations

Project goals

  • Improve the experience of visitors and students, faculty and staff in navigating the campus environment.
  • Provide a hierarchy of signage elements for campus approach, arrival, circulation, parking and buildings.
  • Develop a consistent nomenclature for the naming of campuses, streets, buildings and landmarks, including some name changes.
  • Maintain a consistent and appropriate image for the University.
  • Include consideration of different modes of arrival and transportation, including vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles and buses.

Planned upgrades

Map detailing new WMU street names.

Map detailing new WMU street names

Features to be added during the construction phase include new and retrofitted entrance gateways to the campus and new vehicle and pedestrian signage as well as new building identification. Areas covered include the Main Campus, East Campus and the Parkview Campus. A number of campus street names are being changed for improved wayfinding.

For additional information about the project, contact Chris Pyzik, project manager in planning, space management and capital projects, at (269) 387-8543 or

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