Date for WMU Alert test announced

Contact: Cara Barnes

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—campuswide test of the WMU Alert emergency notification system at Western Michigan University will take place beginning at about 2 p.m. Friday, Sept. 22.

Members of the campus community can sign up for WMU Alert through GoWMU. All who have registered for WMU Alert by Sept. 20 for a text message, phone call or both will receive a test message in addition to email notification. Campus email was added to the alert system in 2016.

Since all current students and employees have WMU email addresses, emergency notifications and timely warnings are also sent as email messages to those accounts. In addition, WMU Alert sends a tweet to the @wmupublicsafety Twitter account.

The WMU Alert emergency notification system has the following identifications:

  • WMU Alert caller ID is (269) 387-0911
  • WMU Alert text message is sent from 67283 or 226787
  • WMU Alert email is sent from

The scheduled Sept. 22 test will take place unless the WMU Alert system has been activated within the previous 24 hours. If it has, the test will be postponed until Monday, Sept. 25.

Direct questions about registering for WMU Alert or the upcoming test to Cam Vossen at (269) 387-0678.

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