WMU Public Safety expands alert and advisory notification options

Contact: Cara Barnes

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Western Michigan University's Department of Public Safety has expanded its options for people interested in receiving alerts and advisory notifications.

Employees and students

All employees and students with a wmich.edu email address will automatically receive WMU Alerts for on-campus emergencies via email unless they opt out through the GoWMU portal.

Faculty, staff and students also may opt in to receive WMU Alerts via text message, phone call or both.

Types of messages sent as WMU Alerts are in compliance with the Clery Act, and include:

  • On-campus, extreme emergencies.
  • Extreme or severe weather (e.g., tornado warnings).
  • School closure notifications.
  • Messages required to be sent under local, state or federal law.

When employees and students opt in to receive WMU Alerts via text or phone call, they also can opt to receive advisory notifications.

Messages sent as advisory notifications include:

  • Near-campus emergencies (as WMU DPS is made aware of them, and if notifying the public does not hinder an investigation or have the potential to place additional people at risk).
  • On-campus advisory messages (i.e., road closures).
  • General safety messages.
Image of a yellow triangle outlined in red with the word "Alert" in the middle.

Click on this icon in GoWMU to opt in or change your alert and advisory notification settings.

How to opt in

To receive WMU Alerts or advisory notifications via text or phone call, log in to GoWMU and click on the triangle icon at the top of the page. Update your phone number, if necessary, and choose whether to receive texts, phone calls, or both. Choose whether to receive only WMU Alerts or both WMU Alerts and advisory notifications. Changes made via the GoWMU portal may take up to 48 hours to be updated in the alert system.

Families and visitors

Parents, family, friends and visitors to campus also can opt to receive WMU Alerts and advisory notifications by texting WMUPublicSafety (not case-sensitive) to 226787 or 67283. Standard text messaging rates may apply. Opt out by texting STOP WMUPublicSafety to 226787 or 67283. WMU students and employees should not use this method, and should instead set their preferences through GoWMU.

WMU DPS on social media

The Department of Public Safety maintains a Twitter account with the handle @WMUPublicSafety. The account is used to disseminate WMU Alerts, advisory notifications, crime-prevention suggestions and safety tips, and general posts about the University and local community. Twitter no longer allows people without a Twitter account to receive tweets via text message.

Other campus safety initiatives

Emergency call boxes

More than 100 emergency call boxes are located throughout campus and are clearly marked with signage and blue lights. Pushing the button on a call box prompts a call to 911, connecting directly to WMU Public Safety.

Safe Ride program

WMU Public Safety provides walking and driving safety escorts <https://www.wmudps.wmich.edu/safe-ride.php> during certain hours throughout the fall and spring semesters.

More information

WMU Public Safety's website includes detailed information on all services and resources available to the campus and local communities.

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