How to find out if WMU is closed

Contact: Paula M. Davis
Image of a yellow triangle outlined in red with an exclamation point and the word alert.

Click this logo in GoWMU to register your phone number in the WMU Alert system.

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Western Michigan University will immediately announce closings due to severe weather or emergency conditions. Assume the University is open and will continue normal operation unless notified in one of four ways:

  • Go to WMU Home
    Closing announcements will be posted on the WMU home page and additional information will be posted in WMU News as it becomes available. Refresh webpages to see the most recent version.
  • Call (269) 387-1001
    Closing announcements will be available on the emergency information line.
  • Check radio and TV
    Area radio and television stations are notified as soon as a decision is made to close the University.
  • WMU Alert
    Subscribers to the WMU Alert system will receive notification of a closure via phone call, text message or both, depending on the delivery options chosen at sign-up. In addition, all students and faculty and staff members will receive an email notice.

Assume WMU is open. In the absence of notification via one of the methods listed, all normal operations will continue as scheduled. University closings due to severe weather or other conditions are rare.

Regional locations

When the University's campuses in Kalamazoo close,  the College of Aviation in Battle Creek also closes. The status of the University's regional locations will vary due to conditions in their individual areas.

To learn about regional location closures, visit WMU Home. Closing announcements will be posted on the WMU home page and additional information will be posted in WMU News as it becomes available.

Weather-related WMU closings since 1999

  • 1999, Jan. 4-5—Heavy snowfall delayed the start of spring semester.
  • 2000, Nov. 21-22—Thanksgiving recess began Tuesday because of snow.
  • 2006, Dec. 1—An ice storm downed trees and caused power outages.
  • 2007, Feb. 5—Extreme cold and snow closed many Michigan colleges.
  • 2008, Feb. 1—WMU closed due to snow.
  • 2009, Dec. 10—Blizzard conditions closed WMU.
  • 2011, Feb. 2—Blizzard conditions closed WMU.
  • 2013, Jan. 31—Snow and icy conditions closed WMU.
  • 2014, Jan. 6-7—Significant snowfall and severely cold temperatures prompted many Michigan colleges to close. The closure delayed the start of spring semester.
  • 2014, Jan. 27—WMU closed due to cold weather and blowing snow.
  • 2014, Nov. 18—Heavy snowfall closed WMU.
  • 2015, Feb. 2—A widespread snowstorm closed WMU and many others schools around the state.
  • 2016, Feb. 25—A heavy snowfall closed WMU for the day.
  • 2018, Feb. 9—Severe winter weather prompted WMU to close at noon.
  • 2019, Jan. 23—A mix of sleet, freezing rain and snow closed schools throughout the region.
  • 2019, Jan. 28—A snowstorm covered the Kalamazoo area in several inches of snow and closed many schools throughout Michigan.
  • 2019, Jan. 29—Severe weather prompted WMU to close 5 p.m.
  • 2019, Jan. 30—Snow and dangerously low temperatures due to wind chill prompted schools throughout the upper Midwest to close.
  • 2019, Jan. 31—Continued frigid temperatures and dangerous wind chills close many Michigan universities for a second consecutive full day.

Go online to review WMU Closure Policy.

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