Sixth-graders get a look at college life at WMU

Contact: Deanne Puca
Photo of sixth-graders being handed Btronco BUDS backpacks.

WMU's Bronco BUDS program brings sixth-graders to campus beginning Monday, March 11.

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Sixth-grade students in the Kalamazoo Public Schools' Class of 2025 will tour Western Michigan University for a day on a school-by-school basis and participate in free activities on campus beginning Monday, March 11, and continuing through Thursday, April 11.

For the 10th year in a row, students will get a firsthand look at college life and the opportunities available with a college education through a program called Bronco BUDS—Building Unique Dynamic Students. Through the initiative, the University partners with KPS to encourage early middle school students to set their sights on college and take advantage of the Kalamazoo Promise tuition scholarship program.

During the month, KPS will transport all of the district's sixth-graders to WMU for a day to engage in hands-on activities related to choosing a college career and to take a University tour. The latter includes visits to a classroom and residence hall. Students also eat lunch at a campus dining hall. KPS students are guided through their college experience by WMU students and staff. Many of the WMU-student guides are Kalamazoo Promise scholarship recipients themselves.

The Bronco BUDS is reinforced with programs each year that continue as students move toward high school graduation.

For more information, contact Cheruba Daniel, doctoral graduate assistant coordinator of college visitation activities for the WMU Office of Diversity and Inclusion, at or (269) 387-6314.

For additional information or to arrange or confirm coverage, contact Deanne Puca in WMU's Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications at (269) 387-8428.

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