WMU trustees approve 2019-20 tuition rates

Contact: Paula M. Davis

KALAMAZOO, Mich.-- The Western Michigan University Board of Trustees has approved a recommendation to set tuition and required fees for 2019-20 at levels officials believe balance affordability with offering students a high-quality academic experience.

Acting at its June 26 meeting, the board approved a 4.3% increase in tuition and required fees for resident undergraduates. Along with passing next academic year's tuition rates, trustees adopted a $423 million general operating fund budget, which represents a less than 1% increase over the previous year.

The 2019-20 general fund features a $2.5 million boost in financial aid as well as investments in programming for student mental health needs and resources dedicated to Title IX. The budget also accounts for cost containment measures across campus operations.

"Our top priority is always to keep WMU's education as reasonably priced as possible while fostering and maintaining the quality our students expect and deserve," says Jan Van Der Kley, vice president for business and finance.
WMU trustees adopted the University's budget and tuition plan Wednesday during a time of financial uncertainty at the state level.

Just days before the start of WMU's fiscal year, which begins July 1, school officials do not yet know what the University's 2019-20 state allocation will be, as the state of Michigan has not passed its own budget.

In the past, the state has instituted tuition-restraint language as part of its higher education allocations. If WMU's board-approved tuition and required fees for 2019-20 exceed a tuition-restraint proviso the state may stipulate, the University will take action to be in compliance.

A complete breakdown of 2019-20 tuition and required fees is available at wmich.edu/registrar/tuition.

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