Western, Kellogg Community College renew agreements to maintain smooth transfer pathways for students

Contact: Paula M. Davis
 Julian Vasquez Heilig, Edward Montgomery, Paul R. Watson II and Tonya Forbes

From left to right, WMU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Julian Vasquez Heilig, WMU President Edward Montgomery, Kellogg Community College President Paul R. Watson II and Tonya Forbes, KCC's vice president for instruction.

BATTLE CREEK, Mich.—Five years after signing an institutional agreement to create a smoother process for Kellogg Community College graduates to continue their education at Western Michigan University, representatives from both institutions convened a signing ceremony today to renew and expand the partnership.

During the ceremony, which occurred at the WMU College of Aviation in Battle Creek, leaders from WMU and KCC signed an institutional articulation agreement and a series of program articulation agreements, all of which are designed to facilitate the transfer of credits from KCC’s associate degree programs to specific bachelor’s degree programs at WMU.

The institutional agreement, originally signed in 2018 and renewed today, assists students who are seeking a seamless transition from KCC to WMU that minimizes the loss of earned credits and prevents the duplication of coursework.

“Kellogg Community College is thrilled to strengthen its longstanding partnership with Western Michigan University and make it easier than ever for students to earn a KCC degree and pursue a higher degree at WMU without missing a beat,” said Dr. Paul R. Watson II, president of KCC.

“Having a seamless partnership between the two institutions promotes degree completion,” said Dr. Edward Montgomery, president of WMU. “When we provide clarity and give students an efficient pathway in their education plan, we’re setting the framework for their success. Western is honored to renew and strengthen this agreement today.”

The KCC-WMU institutional articulation agreement is for students who follow a prescribed plan of study leading to an associate degree at KCC. The credits from select KCC programs—each of which are described in program-specific articulation agreements—will be included in the total credit hours required for a specific WMU baccalaureate degree, thus saving students the confusion of determining which courses transfer and which do not.

“We know students are seeking college degrees that are affordable and relevant to their desired careers,” said Carla Reynolds, a KCC trustee and WMU alumna. “The agreements we’re signing and renewing today will help students save time and money in the long run and point them toward rewarding professions in a variety of sectors.”

Joe Sobieralski, president and chief executive officer of Battle Creek Unlimited, expressed enthusiastic support for the KCC-WMU partnership, in part because it represents two institutions of higher learning working collaboratively for the benefit of students pursuing careers and employers seeking qualified job applicants.

“As an economic developer who works regularly with KCC and who also is a Western alumnus, I am delighted to see these legacy institutions acting purposefully to smooth out the education-to-workforce pipeline, which is crucial to south central Michigan’s capacity for maintaining a highly qualified workforce,” Sobieralski said. “Battle Creek Unlimited supports employers in all sectors who tell us one of their greatest challenges in this dynamic economy involves the ongoing development of a diverse, well-trained applicant pool.”

During a signing event today at the WMU College of Aviation, academic officials from both institutions signed agreements for the following programs:

College of Aviation

  • Associate in Science—Bachelor of Science in Aviation Flight Science
  • Associate in Arts—Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and Operations
  • Associate in Arts—Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technical Operations

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Associate of Applied Science in Law Enforcement—Bachelor of Arts in University Studies
  • Associate in Arts—Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
  • Associate in Arts—Bachelor of Arts in Public History
  • Associate in Arts—Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Associate in Arts—Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  • Associate in Science—Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences

College of Education and Human Development

  • Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education—Bachelor of Science in Family Science and Human Development
  • Associate of Applied Science in Exercise Science—Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
  • Associate of Applied Science in Sports Management—Bachelor of Science in Sports Management

 College of Engineering and Science

  • Associate in Science—Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

 College of Health and Human Services

  • Associate of Applied Science in Nursing—Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Associate in Arts—Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration
  • Associate in Science—Bachelor of Science, Healthcare Services and Sciences, with Physician Assistant Preparation Concentration

Haworth College of Business

  • Associate in Arts—Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Associate in Arts—Bachelor of Business Administration, Accountancy
  • Associate in Arts—Bachelor of Business Administration, with major in Food Marketing
  • Associate in Arts—Bachelor of Business Administration, with major in Integrated Supply Management

Students must meet standard admission, curriculum and graduation requirements of both institutions. Also, each institution will continue to maintain its own authority over its curriculum, course requirements, program requirements and degree requirements.

Under the terms of the agreement, KCC and WMU will be jointly responsible for advising and assisting students and for maintaining collaboration among faculty, administrators and staff as program requirements evolve at each institution.

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