A student in the Bronco Pitch Competition smiling and congratulating a team.


Students from across Western Michigan University's campus, as well as regional high schools, participate in the annual K.C. O’Shaughnessy Competition and Showcase. One person from each company is allowed to present the pitch for their team's innovative idea.

2023 Winners

  • Video of SELPE

    SELPE: First place and $3,000

    SELPE is an atmospheric water generator that automates the task of watering plants. Team members include Kate Mih, Agnes Nyanamba and Tatenda Zindoga.

  • Video of MoCro

    MoCro: Second place and $2,000

    MoCro is an adaptive crochet tool designed to help those with mobility issues. Team members include Tessa Muday, Abbie Meredith and Sam Ryzewicz.

  • Video of Revision Autonomy

    Revision Autonomy: Third place and $1,000

    Revision Autonomy is a camera-agnostic software that improves driving in inclement weather. Team member is Bryan Hagenbarth.

  • Video of Legant Theaters

    Legant Theaters: Fourth place and $500

    Legant Theaters is a network and franchise system for the theater industry. Team member is Keoni Cabatingan.

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