Corporate Partnership Programs

Partner with Western Michigan University to integrate affordable, customizable degree or certificate curriculum with your organization’s goals, strategies, and projects—providing an even higher return on your employee education investment.

A corporate partnership with Western Michigan University supports your employees’ professional growth while boosting productivity, supporting retention, and fostering a corporate culture of learning. Employees you have carefully selected and invested in over time will continue to learn critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills they will apply immediately to their jobs while earning a high-quality and career-relevant degree or certificate.

Your location, our location, or online—with no productivity lost during work hours. WMU looks forward to collaborating with your organization to customize a program that supports your business goals.

Education at your location

Flexible education solutions aligned with your organization’s needs.

Western Michigan University partners with you to deliver established or customized education solutions to employees at your location, on your schedule, and within your budget.

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Our corporate partners



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    Save Money

    Reduce education expenses, travel time and expense, and time away from site.


    Flexible Schedule

    Schedule for the time, length, and place most convenient for you and your employees.


    Team Learning Focused

    Boost team knowledge, refine processes, and provide a team-building opportunity.


    Customized Content

    Expert instructors provide tailored programs, unique to your organization's needs.


    On-Site Training

    Choose your preferred location (your site, our site, or online) and we'll deliver the education solution in your desired format and at your convenience.


    Earn a Degree or Certificate

    Enable your employees to earn a top-ranked degree or credential and experience immediate application of learning and ROI.