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Lisa Garcia

Corporate Engagement Representative for Academic Programming

WMU's corporate engagement team is dedicated to strategically matching the University's academic experts and resources to the needs of the local business and nonprofit community. We stand ready to help your organization connect with the numerous resources available on campus to meet today’s challenges to grow and thrive in highly competitive markets.

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  • Portrait of Katie Marshall

    Closing the cybersecurity talent gap: It's up to us

    Western Michigan University’s new cybersecurity program can help you connect with professionals at the master’s level and pre-professionals at the undergraduate level who are trained to monitor, analyze and respond to cyberattacks in computer and network systems.

  • Old Burdick's restaurant, downtown Kalamazoo

    Appetite for Innovation

    Eating in an igloo suddenly doesn’t seem so novel. With indoor dining limited or shut down entirely at times, the pandemic has pushed the traditional boundaries of the restaurant industry.

  • Online cybersecurity degree launched

    We developed this degree based on the demand from industry.

    Jason Johnson, lecturer in the College of Engineering and Applied Science

  • Next-Level Learning

    Extended University Programs is transforming into WMUx, a unit focused on generating imaginative methods for teaching and learning with an enhanced human-centered philosophy.

  • Image of a masked student on a laptop outdoors

    Growing a startup and business expertise

    Lush plants, rich color, wafting fragrance. There is nothing like being in a garden or bringing flowers and greenery into indoor spaces to ignite a connection with nature and a feeling of pure joy.