Timeline and Activities

The Racial Justice Advisory Committee was charged to convene and make recommendations. The committee is slated to run until 2022. The first year was focused on foundational work (i.e. building group norms, identifying a framework for approaching the process, developing a common of understanding of foundational definitions), forming structure and setting a cadence for the work. The first year was also spent gathering and reviewing data, identifying areas of priority areas of focus that have the potential for the largest opportunity of impact. The second year, 2021-22 academic year, will be focused on recommendations.


Recommendations will be shared with the campus community on a rolling basis beginning in fall 2022. A summative report of recommendations and actions will be prepared following the conclusion of RJAC in January 2023.  Each subcommittee will share two to three prioritized recommendations representing a mix of short and long-term recommendations.

RJAC Recommendation Flowchart