Center for Integrated Supply Management

The Western Michigan University Center for Integrated Supply Management is a destination for companies or individuals seeking a true value chain center of excellence. It is made up of experienced faculty and staff committed to developing supply chain management professionals who can immediately make a contribution and create a competitive advantage for their organizations by applying the tools and concepts for integrating supply functions into efficient and effective value chain networks. Supply chain professionals at all levels can take advantage of workshops that provide participants with best-practice rules, tools and processes to increase functional performance directly applied to their industry and company.

The future of supply chains—dynamic, agile and responsive. WMU's Center for Integrated Supply Management supports transforming industry through:

  • Providing talent from one of the top undergraduate supply chain programs in the country.
  • Channeling our resources and expertise toward offering advanced degrees.
  • Applied workforce education and training.
  • Cutting-edge research.

WMU's Integrated Supply Management Executive Council guides the continuous development and evolution of the integrated supply management program. It consists of a broad array of participants from recent graduates to supply management executives from a variety of industries.

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Workshops and training