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Access WMU researchers who serve as resources to organizations around the globe, advancing knowledge in the supply chain and providing applied expertise for business owners and operators. 

Our supply chain research offers you bench-marking and auditing, research and practice, as well as quantitative and qualitative solutions. Topics include:

  • Talent and human issues in supply chain management
  • Supply chain relationships
  • Supply chains and new product development
  • Supply chain risk and security
  • Quality management in supply chain
  • Supply chain sustainability 
  • Supplier management and performance

Dr. Sime Curkovic

  • Partnering with our supply chain center is an investment in innovation; we bridge the gap between academia and industry to drive transformative solutions.

    Dr. Sime Curkovic, professor of supply chain management

Experts that help you find solutions

  • K.C. Chen headshot

    Dr. K.C. Chen

    Dr. Chen’s research interests include AI, analytics and data science, electronic business, human-computer interaction, privacy and trust, logistics, and social media and product reviews.

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  • Sime Curkovic headshot

    Dr. Sime Curkovic

    Dr. Curkovic's research interests include supply chain management, responsible manufacturing, total quality management and supply chain risk.

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  • Bruce Ferring headshot

    Dr. Bruce Ferrin

    Dr. Ferrin's research focuses on transportation and logistics and has been published in numerous publications.

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  • Tom Scannell headshot

    Dr. Tom Scannell

    Dr. Scannell's research interests include collaborative new product development, Lean Six Sigma applications and supply risk management.

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  • Bret Wagner headshot

    Dr. Bret Wagner

    Dr. Wagner's research interests include production planning and scheduling and optimization modeling.

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  • Zach Williams headshot

    Dr. Zach Williams

    Dr. Williams' research interests are in supply chain security, supply chain relationships and supply chain decision making.

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  • Marcel Zondag headshot

    Dr. Marcel Zondag

    Dr. Zondag's research is in demand and supply integration, omnichannel retail marketing, shopper loyalty, and supply chain management in the food value chain.

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