Workshops and Training

Pictured is Sime Curkovic at a training session.Supply chain challenges are becoming increasingly complex. Warmed-over MBA courses or expensive, week-long, networking events for supply chain executives, so typical of other university educational platforms, are not the answer. Western Michigan University's Center for Integrated Supply Management offers an array of education and applied solutions for businesses.

Our education solutions do not reinvent or attempt to re-brand the supply chain body of knowledge formed over decades by many. Instead, our solutions focus on applying the knowledge and best practices in an accessible-to-all, but customized way to educate a company’s supply chain workforce and leadership teams. In essence, our goal is to transform supply chain organizations in a holistic, integrated approach starting from the ground up.

Whether it is purchasing, production and inventory control, Lean Six Sigma or logistics, we provide value-oriented, customized education solutions that directly apply supply chain best practices, and provide participants with many takeaway tools for immediate use. Light on theory and heavy on application, our supply chain educational platform helps companies develop sustainable competitive advantage with their supply chain execution.

The supply chain body of knowledge is just that, the supply chain body of knowledge. The key is how an instructor understands a company’s industry, unique challenges and culture, and applies best practices to its operations and supply chain organization in a value-oriented, effective way. WMU’s Center for Integrated Supply Management has the resources and expertise to take any operations or supply chain educational need and customize a solution to move a company’s workforce and senior leadership to the next level of excellence.