• Female student walking through courtyard

    Beyond self

    Business Broncos graduate with the skills and values needed to lead organizations sustainably.

  • Student group in India

    A critical look at the world

    Students traveled to India where they challenged their own perspectives on the role of business in society.

  • Dr. Tim Palmer instructs students

    Experiential learning

    Students in Dr. Timothy Palmer's ethics and sustainable business class combine hands-on service learning with classroom instruction and relate their experiences to their future profession.

  • United Nations logo

    PRME report

    A United Nations-supported initiative, the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) report outlines key principles for sustainable business practices.

Why is sustainability important?

Sustainability is an opportunity for all businesses today, no matter their size or position in the marketplace, to make society stronger while also making a profit. The Haworth College of Business believes in shaping the mindsets and skills of future business leaders to be stewards of corporate sustainability.

Working through six principles outlined in the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) report, the college provides students with the skills and values needed to lead organizations sustainably. By instilling sustainable business practices today, future corporations can restore environmental quality and promote stable, healthy communities—which lead to better corporate cultures, more reliable products and greater long-term profitability.

View the PRME principles and learn how WMU Haworth is working toward providing the most comprehensive exposure to sustainability of any business school in the state of Michigan. 

For more information contact:

Dr. Tim Palmer
Director of WMU Center for Sustainable Business Practices
Office: 3284 Schneider Hall (269) 387-5242
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