Town Hall Concepts

The ideas below were conceived by our students, faculty, staff, donors, alumni and community members through a process of guided design sessions.

22nd Century Campus—Prioritize Future: Make Decisions and Plans Now

WMU is the only place where students, staff and community will plan the future of the campus. Cultivate intimate relationships among Kalamazoo citizens, alumni, students, professors and staff.

A Better U

Benefits of a major Research 1 university meet one-on-one support and engagement.

A University of Engagement

Western Michigan University is the only place that…students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors engage together to generate new ideas and outcomes needed for the future.

Access By Design

Provides access to all resources that ensures success; engaging students all ethnicities, skillset and backgrounds across the world.

Accessible University

We already have existing programs that set students up for success without lowering our standards, but in the end what will differentiate us is our commitment to inclusion, diversity and access.  We need to do better on pairing students with programming and resources that are already available rather than recreating the wheel.

Adaptive Academic Programs

This idea is to allow students to earn an education that provides a core foundation with the ability to have a unique focus to meet the needs of the future and way of being for our students.

Applied Educational Experience

Every student—undergraduate and graduate—has the opportunity to enter into a mentorship experience that results in a research project, lab experience, internship or co-op.

Bronco Promise

Promises to be an inclusive University that provides on individualized holistic approach to developing empowered, thoughtful and successful students and graduates.


WMU will be the national leader in true lifelong learning, providing a full range of flexible, relevant learning options for diverse communities of learners. By engaging learners early and positioning WMU as the school of choice for a range of personal and career pathways throughout their lives, we will transform and redefine the relationship between learners and an institution of higher education.

Build Your Future

Many students are unsure of what they want to pursue, or they feel boxed in by a singular program. We offer them the opportunity to cultivate their interests and build a program off of that, not the other way around.

Building Success Through our Strong Communities: Students, Faculty, Geographically

We have the large school opportunities and partnerships with the small school services and relationships.

Change Leader University

We develop students who can cope with and lead change in their chosen fields with a focus on the common good or communities—change individuals, change groups and change larger systems.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The WMU Signature program allows students to chart their own paths through college by integrating their curriculum with their passion.

Compass to Campus

Engaging students earlier allows them to better select their passion from the various academic offerings at WMU. This league of mentors assists students in understanding meta-majors and, through exploratory advising and learning communities, ensures retention, graduation and career success.

Competing to be the Best

Competitions at all levels in all programs across all demographics for the best ideas, performances and recognition. "The grammys meets Ted".

Confidence to Conquer

Western Michigan University is the only place that provides an inclusive environment where students local to global experience learning opportunities.

Contagious Innovation

We guarantee more than employment, we promise to help you think. You can solve next-generation challenges, lead societal efforts and live a more fulfilling life.

Creating Belonging Through International Practices of Engagement

Western Michigan University is the only place that…strong focus on global integration.

Debt-free Pathway

The pathway connects students to business partners, community and employment options (e.g., apprenticeships, internships).

Design Your Own Experience

We recognize that work is changing, and we need to be flexible and prepare students for the future. On-demand education that is customizable for any learner is one way we can meet this demand. Personalized support and a design-your-own degree experience will prepare students and lifelong learners for the future.

Embrace Change

Western Michigan University is the only place that embraces change as a state of mind.

Engaged Campus

Western Michigan University is the only place that emphasizes an intentional connection across its constituents through engagement experiences.

Engaged, Experiential Learning

Western Michigan University is the only place that allows students to craft their career path from day one and offers real-world job experience and mentorship toward their life vision from the start.

Entrepreneurial Experiential Education

Provides the infrastructure and incubation for vetted University plans.

Every Student Transformed

WMU ensures that every student, no matter what they (bring) look like coming in, are given structured opportunities to grow and learn, with the flexibility to make the experience their own. WMU does this for all students!

Evolving Education—Adapt or Die—Evolve to Succeed

Western Michigan University is the only place that embraces: life long learning, constant change, culture that embraces change, and sees competitors as opportunities for collaboration/co-operation.

Experience Community: We Promise!

We can build on the unique foundation we already have (i.e., Seita and foundation scholars). Our resources go toward an outside-the-box experiences and ideas.

Experiential Learning

Western Michigan University is the only place that has integrated experiential learning starting in the first year and throughout their college experience.

Experiential Learning University

At WMU, we believe experience drives education and future opportunities. Therefore, from the time students step foot on campus until they are considering leaving a legacy, Broncos will continue to participate in relevant, meaningful and diverse opportunities that will progress individual goals and humanity.

Experiential Learning with Guided Attention for Career Readiness

Western Michigan University is the only place that graduates are equipped with a personalized, comprehensive portfolio of academic and experiential learning that has been guided and supported at all stages of the college experience.

Extending the Classroom by Connecting the Campus Community

Student and staff interaction is not only expected, it is required, (i.e., graduation requirement; embedded in staff job description).

Fall in Love with Western

WMU is only place where students have opportunity and agency to engage with campus and local community in planning, decision-making and real-world problem solving. Programs are designed to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate competencies in their chosen field, and to be exposed to new friends and different ways of thinking through interdisciplinary education.

Financial Support for Intramural esports

Provide coaches for esports. Field teams. Support e-athletes through scholarships equivalent to football scholarships.

Find Your Path and Passion

Western Michigan University is the only place that encourages and facilitates self-discovery.

Find Your Place: Connect to Kalamazoo

The WMU Signature program allows students to chart their own paths through college by integrating their curriculum with their passion.

Flat Rate/Full Service

First two years is flat rate—no fees added on (e.g., sticker price, parking, books, rec center).

Fostering Big, "Real World" Solutions

WMU provides more student/faculty research/experiential opportunities that prepare students to be agents of change and solve real-world challenges.

Global Leaders' University

At WMU we believe the world is now interconnected in ways it never was before, and understanding the local requires understanding the global today. Tomorrow’s leaders will be global leaders, capable of moving easily through diverse workplaces and cultures.

Goldilocks Zone

The “Goldilocks zone” resonates the most. The idea that across the spectrum, academic, community, culture we offer big U advantages and small U advantages as well.


The contemporary issues of climate change had demanded but not received rapid positive environmental change. THis is an open opportunity for Western to strive beyond other universities and welcome students to the future of sustainability. Michigan is home to 20% of the world’s fresh water. This is critical to life and will draw.

Harness Your Potential

Student (learner)-centered research, university benefits all learners -- we need to get the word out earlier (8th grade) of WMU's ability/promise of a place to "harness your potential."

Hirable Professionals

WMU produces the type of trained students that companies want to hire.

Hydro U. or The Inland Sea U. or Liquid University or Aqua U

Access to water is key to future survival; can teach all aspects of curriculum; interdisciplinary.

Incubator for Creative Learning

Students experience year-round, focused learning that is inherently cross-disciplinary. Creativity in thinking, exploration, schedules is rewarded.

Innovation, Inquiry, Implementations

There is a huge opportunity to position WMU as the leader in these areas, among Michigan schools and Midwest schools. We must attract students beyond Michigan and beyond "traditional" markets.

Leadership, Ethics, Critical Thinking—Course, Center, Mindset

Students graduate with a sense of commitment to the community and other folds around them. They also leave able to properly articulate the skills and experiences they learned during their time here. Provides competitive advantage.

Learning to Lead—Course to Career Lab to Life

Because of active, caring researchers, faculty, and staff engagements with students—WMU launches stakeholders into their careers and community.

Learning to Think Differently

Learning includes both discipline-specific and liberal arts content to prepare students for the changing world and work/jobs, and to be strong citizens. Humanities education creates flexibility of mind and the ability to pivot intellectually.

Life Training

All of its five colleges and two schools need to make courses in the humanities the core preparation for each student. This means that at least one year of exposure to courses in art, music, literature, diverse cultures and languages becomes a reality for each student no matter what his or her area of concentration will be.  At the same time as this is going on, WMU’s keywords as Collaboration-Diversity-Transparency need to be put in practice!

Life University

Developing a well-rounded person of the world education.

Lifetime Community of Holistic Excellence

Deep sense of belonging, pride, preparedness, excellence, alumni support.

Making WMU the Experiential Learning Capital of the World

Every WMU family member (students, staff, faculty, alumni, donor and community) engages in a series of experiences where they grow from a mentee into a mentor.

Michigan Global University

At WMU, we recognize and value global engagement for students, faculty and staff as it contributes to a global community. We prepare culturally sensitive individuals who seek to continually grow and innovate the world around them.

My Tour Guide is the Student I Want to Be

Students sign a one-year contract to work as a student ambassador and live on campus during the month of August for a three-month training on crafting a unique, special tour, gaining knowledge of WMU and gaining leadership skills.

My Tribe. One Tribe.

WMU is a place where sensitivity belongs and individually reigns. Inclusion leads to growth, and WMU strives to create prople for a community—in a community. Where we don’t thrive, we try.

Nimble and Responsive Institution

WMU is committed to uprooting the status quo by changing how we do education by putting students at the center of every decision. This will ensure students will leave WMU ready to engage in the world at all levels.

Parental Support

It takes a village to raise a child. The number of students and potential students with small children is underestimated. No university in Michigan—that we know of—prioritizes and supports childcare for parents on campus. WMU was the first campus in Michigan to offer paid parental leave for faculty. Let's adopt this concept of family support as a speciality.

Personalized Programs/Guaranteed Mentoring

Western Michigan University is the only place that students will receive a personalized curriculum with a 4-year mentor.

Play Big in a Small Field

Western Michigan University is the only place that offers students the "high five."

Program for the Formally Convicted

We prepare formerly incarcerated individuals with the skills and education to succeed in their life after being involved with the criminal justice system.

Project University

Students will be prompted with a project given from employees/alumni/industry experts in their discipline. Students at the junior/senior level will act as “experts” or leaders as they guide and mentor freshman/sophomore-level students.

Public Impact Student Scholarship

Operating at the intersection of learner centered and discovery driven, all WMU students work with mentors to creatively solve problems, while developing highly marketable skills.

Real World Experience

Has an internship, field experience or practicum requirement built into every student’s degree.

Real World Learning

Students gain lifelong work experiences and relationships by employment, internships, study abroad, research with field experiences that are either paid as their class tuition or by an employer, WMU, etc.

Real World Starts Now

You don’t have to wait until graduation to start in the real world.

Remixed University: Student Assembled Learning

At WMU, we believe students need to be engaged in envisioning and assembling their academic and co-curricular experience. Our support services and academic programs are flexible to accommodate a wide range of student experiences, research opportunities and community connections.

Small College Experience with Big University Resources

Personal mentoring, one-on-one faculty experience, valuing student experience before, during and after college all situated in a diverse, vibrant and growing city in the heart of the Midwest.

Smash the Silos and Globalize/Internationalize

Western Michigan University is the only place that systems are integrated, student-friendly and transparent.

Social Sustainability

Social justice, driven community of students who succeed by engaging in social change and creativity supported by faculty.

Streamlining for Students' Exploration and Success

We believe a stronger and more cohesive institutional structure supports students' creativity, exploration and growth. We question our habits and processes to ensure they’re focused on student success.

Student Engagement

At WMU, we dedicate resources to early success for all students through academic and social engagement and support.

Student Immersion

Point of distinction to demonstrate our graduates are prepared and have meaningful career experiences prior to graduation.

Teaching to the Edge

Go to WMU for four years and receive guaranteed four years of employment post-graduation or either money back or more training and/or education at no cost.

The Western Warranty

Western Michigan University is the only place that if you do your part, we guarantee you will graduate and get a job or you get your money back.

The WOW Experience

Western Michigan University is the only place that if you do your part, we guarantee you will graduate and get a job or you get your money back.

Three Year College

We believe in value for the money—shortest time to degree with most rewards.

Time Management to All Incoming Students

The week before the start of each semester, a one-week course will be required for all incoming students to teach them the skills of time management.

Top 100 Public University (Undergraduate Only)

All 22,500 undergraduate researchers: everyone does research/has mentor; every student has alumni mentor; ACT/SAT test optional.


Provides students with a clear and concise picture of the cost/benefits of attending and graduating from WMU.

Undergraduate Assistantships: A Co-op Experience for All

At WMU, we are committed to partnering with our undergraduate students and sharing in their financial cost of tuition and career development/readiness. Students will be offered the opportunity to earn tuition remission through an undergraduate assistantship in their field of study.

W Mentor

Faculty, staff, employers, volunteers and retired faculty offer students access to mentorship on their own terms.

We are Western Michigan—A University and Region

At WMU we promise that every student will be connected on a team composed of faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and community members. This team will guide and mentor the student through their educational experience to achieve academic, personal and career success.

We Create Difference Makers

Scholarships based on performance, how they are making a difference and debt relief.

WMU and Kalamazoo: Community to Career Pathways

Western Michigan University is the only place that all undergraduate and graduate students will be linked with a community partner / the community in order to gain experience (job, interpersonal, interprofessional, etc) and community partners / the community will be linked in a sustained relationship with WMU.

WMU “Green New Deal”—Brown and Gold, Green Too

Students learn about environmental sustainability and how to integrate it into all career and fields. They learn about resilience as an integration of social equity and sustainable socio-cultural systems.

WMU is Making the World a Better Place

WMU develops students to integrate sustainable practices, diversity and inclusion, and economic mobility while generating personal and societal growth.

WMU Spells [ O P P O R T U N I T Y ] is Spelled WMU

At WMU we believe that every student deserves an opportunity to succeed. We welcome students, no matter their background, preparation or resources to experience individual guidance from dedicated faculty and staff.

WMU Students Change the World

Students who courted their destiny by anticipating the future—forward thinking leaders—jobs that are not currently known—focus on human conditions not just economic success—contributors to society—I can attitude—diversity of thought.

Are we missing your idea? Contact us and let us know.