We, the Board of Trustees of Western Michigan University, the board of control of Western Michigan University vested with the authority to govern this university by the Constitution of the State of Michigan and other applicable law, 

And, as a Board with the power and authority for general supervision of the institution and the control and direction of all expenditures from the institution’s funds, 

Hereinafter affirm the ideals of academic excellence and freedom in an atmosphere of respect for the individual and the institution we serve.

We are committed to providing access to an excellent education to the people of the State of Michigan and to those others who choose to come to Western Michigan University.

We are also committed to providing a working environment which is founded on mutual respect, and dedicated to an orderly and peaceful relationship whether mandated by collective bargaining or not.

We acknowledge that as an institution we are not isolated from, but are a part of, the community where we are located.

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