Alan Turfe

A portrait of Alan Turfe.

Trustee Turfe has had a distinguished career spanning the automotive, e-commerce, metals, medical devices, biotechnology, life sciences, and pharmacy industries, beginning his career with General Motors as a financial analyst. He has held various finance, operations, procurement and supply chain, and sales leadership positions.

 Alan is the former Chairman, President and CEO of J M Smith Corporation, the fourth largest pharmaceutical distribution company in the United States with revenues of $3.0 billion that also owned point of sale technology assets and retail locations. He has also served as Business Unit President with global and full P&L responsibilities at NYSE companies including Thermo Fisher Scientific, IDEX Corporation, and General Motors Corporation.

 Alan currently serves as a consultant to Thomas H. Lee partners, a Boston private equity firm and he also serves on the advisory boards of NEMO Health, DocShop Pro, STEL Technologies, Tespo, and the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine.


  • Bachelor's degree, University of Michigan
  • Master's degree in business administration, University of Michigan

additional information

  • Favorite Book: The Serving Leader, by Kenneth R. Jennings and John Stahl-Wert
  • Success in on word: Teamwork