Vending Locations on Campus

Please note: Not all buildings on campus have vending machines. Below are the locations on campus that do have vending options.

Ackley/Schilling 1st floor
Administration 1st floor south, near Accounts Receivable
Bookstore Outside Buster's,
first floor Bernhard Center
Britton/Hadley 1st floor
Bronco Mall North east wall, across from Subway®
Brown Hall 2nd floor in room 2036, next to study area
Campus Services Next to maintenance
Chemistry Building 1st floor, by room 1220
CHHS 1st floor, north east side, inside the vending room
College of Engineering 1st and 2nd floors
Computing Services Dock area and 3rd floor
Davis Hall 1st floor
Draper Hall 1st floor
Dunbar 1st floor, near Friedmann and 2nd floor, SW corner
Eldridge/Fox 1st floor, Main Lobby
Eicher/LeFevre 1st floor
Ellsworth 1st floor, by Dining Services
Ernest Burnham 1st floor, by Dining Services
Faunce 2nd floor
French Hall 1st floor, inside game room
Garneau/Harvey 1st floor
Gilmore Theatre 1st floor, towards
design studios
Haenicke Hall 2nd floor
Harrison/Stinson 1st floor
Haworth College of Business 1st floor inside café
Henry Hall 1st floor
Knauss Hall 3rd floor, by room 3502
Kohrman Hall 3rd floor, by room 3314
Lawson Ice Arena Basement lobby
Miller Auditorium Greenroom and 2nd floor parking structure
Moore Hall 1st and 3rd floors
Physical Plant 1st floor
Public Safety Basement
Read Field House 2nd floor
Richmond Center 2nd floor, inside
student lounge
Rood Hall 1st floor
Sangren Hall Main floor
Siedschlag Hall 1st floor
Sindecuse 3rd floor, next to room 3111
Smith Burnham 1st floor, by Dining Services
Spindler Hall 1st floor
Sprau Tower 1st floor
Student Rec. Center 2nd and 3rd floors
Waldo Library Lower level—designated food & drink area
Walwood Hall Basement
Wood Hall 1st floor
Zimmerman Hall Basement