Photo of student with laptopManagement

A hallmark of the Western Michigan University management major is a reliance on active learning. The major is one of only a handful in the country pairing small business owners and entrepreneurs with student teams providing real-world exposure to the challenges of running a business and managing a team. 

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Human resource management

The human resource management major focuses on tested techniques essential for a successful career in human resources and industrial relations. This includes human resource planning, managing a diverse workforce, staffing, compensation, employee relations and organizational development and change.

Photo of classroomThe Haworth College of Business faculty, in consultation with the advisory board and the local chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management, works to continuously improve the human resources management major. The faculty also benchmarks the program against other quality programs in the Midwest.

As a sponsor of Society for Excellence in Human Resource, the student chapter of SHRM at Western Michigan University, the human resource management major provides students a broad exposure to various human resource issues and processes. In addition, it gives students opportunities to develop knowledge and skills to critically examine human resource issues. Finally, it provides various opportunities to prepare for entry-level human resource positions, graduate education or for future management positions.

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Photo of student studying outsideIntegrated supply management

The integrated supply management curriculum combines engineering, information technology, supply chain and business education to prepare students for a challenging and high-paying career. The courses help develop students well-versed in purchasing, logistics, manufacturing and services as well as skills in team management, interpersonal communication and group problem solving.

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