Haworth College of Business students choose from 15 majors and 14 minors for their work toward a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. The college also offers the Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Accountancy programs. Visit our advising office or schedule an appointment by email at

Undergraduate programs

Photo of students in class at WMU Haworth College of Business.Check out the business curriculum guide for detailed requirements for earning a bachelor of business administration degree. The links below provide detailed information about what a student can expect from a particular major and from a career in that field. Contact a business academic advisor at for more information.


The WMU accountancy program is among a select two percent of business schools worldwide that have specialized accreditation for their accounting programs. Accountants and auditors monitor the finances of a business. Accountants work in all areas of business, industry, government, nonprofit organizations, law and education. They are employed as public accountants, corporate accountants, internal auditors or government accountants. Students will learn to analyze and solve problems, think critically, communicate effectively and use information technology.

Advertising and promotion

Advertising and promotion personnel work to build awareness, interest and preference for businesses, products, services and ideas. Effective advertising is both strategic and creative in nature. Students will develop specialized skills to deliver targeted messages across a wide variety of media (such as print, broadcast and interactive) that incorporate research findings in a fully integrated marketing communications campaign.

Computer information systems

Information technology specialists assist with efficiency and effectiveness of operations through the implementation and maintenance of technology. They may develop programs, websites or web applications; manage databases, hardware and software; and maintain network systems and equipment. Students will gain expertise in areas including business application development, systems analysis and design, database management, telecommunications and network administration.

Photo of WMU students in a computer lab.Economics in business

Sample major slip for this major

Economists investigate the choices people, businesses and governments make because of limited resources. They study problems arising from scarcity such as how to manage resources efficiently, how to organize individual and social efforts to improve standards of living, and how to avoid excessive unemployment and inflation. Students will learn problem solving and critical thinking skills and will gain knowledge of policies in areas such as international trade, money and credit, government finance, industrial organization, labor and other resources, and economic development.

Electronic business marketing

This major integrates marketing and information systems for marketing optimization. Professionals in electronic business marketing embrace Internet technology to sell and support products and services using websites, social media and other marketing strategies. They apply digital technologies, web applications, web design and digital marketing practices to solve business problems and meet the challenges in the rapidly changing digital marketplace. They are employed in careers such as e-commerce, digital marketing, mobile marketing, social media, and web and mobile application development and services.


Finance professionals prepare financial reports and direct investment strategies for all types of businesses. A career in finance provides graduates with opportunities in the banking and insurance industries, corporations, investment and real estate. Students gain knowledge in valuation of securities, investment decision making, corporate funding and management of financial institutions. 

Food and consumer package goods marketing

WMU offers one of the premier programs in the United States—a four-year business degree specializing in food and consumer package goods marketing. The major prepares students for sales, research, marketing and management positions with food and consumer package goods firms and related organizations. Students gain an overall knowledge of marketing and market research, logistics, retail merchandising and sales, and strategies as they relate to the food industry.

General Business


Health informatics and information management

Health informatics and information management, one of the newest program offerings in the college, prepares students for the management of health information systems.

Health information professionals use the latest technology to manage health information systems. They are specialists in the acquisition, storage and retrieval of electronic health records, and they design health information systems, providing value-added advantages for health administration in a variety of healthcare settings.

Human resource management

WMU's human resource management program is in the top 15 percent of accredited programs recognized by the Society of Human Resource Management for alignment with its curriculum standards.

Human resource professionals recruit, hire, train, manage and develop an organization's workforce to achieve strategic business objectives. Students will obtain knowledge of areas such as human resource planning, diversity management, staffing, compensation, employee relations and organizational development.

Integrated supply management

WMU's integrated supply management program is ranked 12th in the nation by Gartner.

Integrated supply management professionals are involved in every stage of the process of providing goods and services to the customer through the supply chain—the network of companies and organizations that are required to purchase, produce and deliver goods and services in today's economy. Professionals are employed in a range of careers including purchasing, manufacturing and logistics. The interdisciplinary program integrates engineering, information technology and business courses in an extensive, applied curriculum.


Managers accomplish organizational objectives through the acquisition and organization of a variety of human and material resources. Their responsibilities encompass a range of duties in every industry, large or small. The program focuses on problem solving and decision making; leading people, teams and groups; communication; quality management and process improvement; and ethics.

Photo of award-winning WMU marketing students.Marketing

Professionals employed in the field of marketing plan strategies to market goods and products based on consumer research. Graduates of the marketing program are equipped with the skills needed for positions in sales, market research, sports marketing, Internet marketing, international marketing and non-profit marketing. Students gain an understanding of general marketing functions and concepts with the option of choosing marketing electives that correspond to their particular career interests.

Personal financial planning

Personal financial planners guide people in planning for their financial future, assisting them with investments, tax laws and insurance decisions. Students will gain knowledge of valuation of securities, insurance, estate planning, retirement planning and employee benefits. Career opportunities in this growing field exist for personal financial planning majors in commercial banking, personal financial planning, insurance and money management. WMU's Personal Financial Planning program is certified by the Certified Financial Planner Board. Students can meet the education requirements and qualify to sit for the CFP exam by taking a set of specific courses in the Personal Financial Planning major.

Sales and business marketing

Sales and business marketing professionals are focused on attracting customer interest in products and services for large and small businesses and organizations. Students experience an intense, sales-focused curriculum, integrating the fundamentals of selling with advanced-selling techniques and theories.

The WMU sales and business marketing program was selected by the Sales Education Foundation as being among the top sales programs in the nation in 2013. The program has earned this distinction from the Sales Education Foundation since 2004 when its rankings began.

Telecommunications and information management

This interdisciplinary major is the first such program in Michigan that enables students to specialize in telecommunications and information management, which encompasses both computer information systems and telecommunications management. Students are trained in a variety of telecommunications and data communication subdisciplines, including network operations, cable television, Internet and electronic commerce, telephony, satellite and wireless communication, and information assurance and compliance, in preparation for one of the fastest growing fields as projected by the U.S. Department of Labor.


Advertising and Promotion
Computer Information Systems
Electronic Business Design
General Business
Integrated Supply Management (non-business majors only)
International Business
Military Science and Leadership
Real Estate

Graduate programs

Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Accountancy
Degree Partnership Program: Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration