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Exploratory path

Did you know that, on average, college students change majors three times? At Western, we embrace the courage it takes to explore your interests and passions to create a life of purpose.

Find your passion to pursue your purpose

Are you exploring your major? Great! At Western Michigan, we appreciate and support students who are curious about where they want to go. Our advisors are specially trained to provide you with the resources you need to explore your options and feel confident in your choices. Let us help you find that path that truly speaks to you. Enjoy the art of exploration.

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    With 150+ programs to choose from at WMU, we’re confident we have a major that will stimulate your intellect and allow you to dive deep. Learn from our experts and get hands-on experience that prepares you for a meaningful life and career.

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    Our dynamic first-year students come from different walks of life and are on the road to accomplishing so much more than a degree. From Broadway aspirations to social justice to flying the friendly skies, our students are making a difference.

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    If you’re looking to see how other students discovered their purpose and integrated it into their educational experience at Western, then explore WMU Signature, a program that allows students to apply what they have learned into a passion project.

Exploratory advising helps you find your path

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  • Exploratory advising is designed to help students make the right decisions about their future. Whether you aren't certain what you'd like to study or if you’re not sure about what early courses you might need to take, exploratory advising can help.

  • Get all the essentials: Through WMU Essential Studies, all students will develop the knowledge and skills that employers seek most, like complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence. Plus, you'll have many courses to choose from, so you can find classes that fit your interests.

  • How to find your major: Exploratory advising will help you explore your passions and better understand what career you want to pursue. We even offer a one-credit-hour course, Career Exploration and Development, that will help you discover your options.

  • Customize your major: Not finding the exact major you want to pursue? The College of Arts and Sciences can help you create one that works for you! You'll work with a college advisor and faculty members to create an individually tailored course of study so you can thrive on your own terms.

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Your future is waiting. You just have to take the first step and apply! We can't wait to welcome you to our campus. Submit your application today and get started.

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