Music Performance: Vocal

To be admitted into Western Michigan University's music performance program, you must successfully complete the school's audition and testing program, held each November, January and February.

As a performance major, you will get extensive practice in instrumental, keyboard or voice while developing your own niche. WMU's program offers tremendous opportunities to perform not only within the school, but also at national and international venues.

Many of our graduates are admitted to prestigious schools for advanced study in performance. Others are collaborative artists, teachers and music directors. We have alumni playing and directing on Broadway, working as opera or vocal coaches, jazz and studio musicians, composers, artist managers, music therapists, and band and choral directors.

Beyond the classroom

If you major in music performance at WMU, you will be eligible for talent-based scholarships from the School of Music as well as academic scholarships offered by WMU. You will have a variety of professional opportunities, each of which is dedicated to thorough preparation and high standards of performance.

The performing ensembles at WMU have assumed a significant role in the cultural, educational and aesthetic environment of the greater University community. Additionally, as they have traveled throughout the United States, South America, Europe and Asia, these performing ensembles have favorably extended WMU's distinguished reputation of excellence in the arts.

The educational process of ensemble training culminates in a variety of concerts and recitals. In a recent five-year period, WMU's School of Music presented nearly 4,500 concerts for audiences totaling well over 1.5 million people. This included more than 2,300 campus events, extensive touring in Michigan plus concerts in 35 other states and 15 foreign countries.

After you graduate

Recent WMU graduates with degrees in music performance are working as:

  • Performers
  • Teachers
  • Music directors
  • Artist managers
  • Private music instructors and vocal coaches
  • Composers
  • Artist managers
  • Music therapists

Among the organizations they work for are:

  • Professional performance ensembles, including Armed Forces ensembles
  • Theatres
  • Schools
  • Performance companies
  • Studios

Career Outcomes

Where is this program offered?

  • Kalamazoo

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