Rethink Smart.

At Western, we’re redefining success as we expand what it means to be smart in an ever-changing world. We prepare students from around the globe for a life well-lived by helping them to pursue, thrive and prosper in their everyday living so that they can make a meaningful impact on society.

  • There is an undeniable energy at Western Michigan University as we respond to the needs of an evolving world and prepare our students for change at a breathtaking pace. Academic performance will always be a crucial element of collegiate success. At Western, we believe the full measure of success today requires even more. We aim for students to graduate knowing their why, ready to live a full, well-rounded life and prepared for not just a job but a meaningful career. We accomplish this by focusing on purpose, well-being and meaningful careers.

  • Pursue Smart is pursuing your purpose and seeing possibility. It’s knowing your why and striving to achieve it always and in all ways.

  • Thrive Smart is preparing to thrive and overcome setbacks in a changing world. Rethink Smart means a happier life by focusing on personal wellness while striving for a career that adds well-being for everyone.

  • Prosper Smart is being prepared for every opportunity. It’s believing setbacks are just success in progress. It’s combining knowledge with wisdom to achieve greatness in a meaningful career.

  • Kendall Owens, a nursing graduate


    Kendall knew her why. She just needed a little help with the how. Her love of the arts and helping people led Kendall to pursue a dual major in dance and nursing. With Western’s help, she achieved success in both. Along every student’s journey to engage their purpose, our faculty are there, inspiring a passion for learning and offering support inside and outside the classroom. Kendall now works as a nurse and runs a nonprofit that makes the arts more accessible to minorities and young artists in Detroit.

    Craft your why.

  • Joseph Backe, Engineering


    Western students find community and connection with more than 300 diverse student organizations, including many team sports clubs for men and women. Joseph wanted a college where he could further his passion for rugby while studying for an engineering degree. He found it here. And another big win? He led the WMU Men’s Rugby Club to its first-ever MAC championship.

    Find balance.

  • Lynnae Strait, Graphic Design


    WMU encouraged Lynnae to seek opportunities outside the classroom. Now she’s found her place in the creative epicenter of the world. Lynnae pursued an internship in New York City, and it catapulted her from the classroom into the working world of design at the prestigious GHD Partners, where she’s now employed as a graphic designer.

    Achieve greatness.