Brand Templates



These templates are customizable and can be adjusted for your content. The basic templates are built in Microsoft PowerPoint and follow the University brand guidelines for graphic elements, logo size, color, and placement. In 2022, the templates have been updated to ensure accessibility. 

Design 1—standard
Design 2—standard
Design 3—widescreen
Design 4—widescreen
Design 5—widescreen

Academic poster 36"x48"
Academic poster 48"x36"

Graphic design

  • Apparel Art

    When selecting T-shirts or polos for unit staff members, choose brown, gold, white or gray. The logo should be printed or embroidered in brown, gold or white. 

    WMU’s embroidery thread colors are Madeira 1059 brown and Madeira 1124 gold.

    Lapel art

  • Name Tag Art

    Name tags are printed in brown and gold on a white substrate. Magnetic clasps are preferred. 

    Name tag art