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In April 2018, Western Michigan University President Dr. Edward Montgomery announced plans to explore a new budget model for the University. Several work groups are now in place and are working to review WMU's budget allocation methods and to guide the development of a new Strategic Resource Management—SRM—model.

Strategic Resource Management is a philosophy and model, not a budget. It's a means to achieve the University's strategic goals, but it does not determine those goals. SRM aims to create transparency and clarity in the process of resource allocation, and it is most effectively applied in an atmosphere of shared commitment and engagement from the campus community.

SRM is expected to provide an incentive-based and transparent budget system that is linked to WMU's strategic plan, decentralize decision-making and align resources and accountability to University units. Project updates and additional details will be added here as they become available.

News and updates

Purpose of the project

  • Provide a clear and comprehensive approach to resource allocation that is nimble and responsive to the University's changing needs.
  • Enhance transparency through processes that are easily understood.
  • Strategically align financial resources with University priorities.
  • Encourage and reward innovation, revenue generation and efficiency.
  • Ensure inclusive participation with wide representation across campus.

Message from President Montgomery

Video of SRM Montgomery

The SRM philosophy as compared to WMU's current budget model

Video of Strategic Resource Management Animation