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Important information for all choral activities is posted on this website and distributed via email and social media. Students should read all posted notices.  Audition submissions are live online starting August 11 and are due by August 30.  Submit your audition through this form: Choral Audition Form Fall 2020

Audition Process | Call Backs | Placement | WMU Credit

General information

All Western Michigan University students — regardless of major or class year — are welcome to audition for a choral ensemble! Ensembles are also open to faculty, staff, and community members.

For Fall 2020 only:

  • All of our choral ensembles require an audition.  Auditions occur at the beginning of every academic semester. 
  • In-person Campus Choir rehearsals are suspended and the in-person ensemble will resume in Spring 2021. (See online replacement below.)
  • A fully-online class option (Campus Choir, MUS2170) will be open for any singers that wish to participate in a choir but cannot attend in-person rehearsals. Please submit an audition form to qualify for that option and receive more information.
  • Fall semester auditions are held during the month of August so class registration can be determined before the first day of classes.
  • Spring semester auditions will be held in early January.

Audition process

Fall 2020 audition information

Fall 2020 choral auditions will be held online during the month of August.  The online audition form will open August 11. Audition submissions are due by August 30. University Chorale callbacks will be held through 5-minute Zoom appointments starting August 20 and ending August 25.  If you miss the deadline, please email Dr. Adams ( to arrange choral placement – we will not turn any interested singers away!

Choral Audition Form Fall 2020
For the Fall 2020 online audition, you will be asked to provide some singing samples. They will be submitted as uploaded audio files within the audition form.  You will be asked to upload the following:

  • Solo Song: Please record a short song. The piece should be range-appropriate and demonstrate the overall quality of your singing. Voice majors should prepare a piece from their repertoire if possible. Instrumentalists or non-majors may sing a folk song, hymn, or patriotic song as their representative piece. Please limit your selection to 3 minutes in length.
  • Range Exercises/Vocalises:  Each singer should record two vocalize files (“warm-up” sequences) so that the directors can get a more thorough understanding of their ranges and tone qualities. Instructions for this will be on the audition form.

Audition results

Fall semester audition results will be announced by September 1. If you audition during the spring semester, you will know the results of your audition that same day. You will be emailed your ensemble placement results. 

These changes in audition procedures are in place for Fall 2020 only and were created to meet or exceed the COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines for singing.

chorale Callbacks

Students interested in auditioning for University Chorale will also be required to schedule a Zoom appointment between August 20-25 to complete sight-singing and tonal memory exercises. Students will also be asked to perform a prepared choral excerpt. Each callback will take 5 minutes and will be conducted through a video conferencing app.

  • Sight ReadingEach student will be given short musical examples to read unaccompanied via screen share. A starting pitch will be given and you will have a short period to look over the example. Do your best, but don’t stress out. It is important that we get to know you as much as possible so that we place you in the choral ensemble where you will grow the most—and have the most fun. 
  • Pitch MemoryEach student will also be asked to sing some short tonal memory exercises ("ear tests"). The director will play a series of four to six pitches and ask you to repeat them on your own.
  • Excerpt PerformanceAn excerpt from a choral score will be emailed 24 hours in advance of the callback appointment.  The student should learn the excerpt as thoroughly as possible, demonstrating accurate pitches, rhythms, dynamics, and articulation. The purpose is to determine your personal preparation skills — your ability to work and learn independently.

Placement into ensembles

It is important for you and for the ensemble that you are placed in a choir that best matches your musical ability and vocal training. Above all, we place importance on putting you in an ensemble where you will thrive and grow. It is vital that each of you get the best educational and musical experience possible. Placing you in a choir other than the one you auditioned for is done in consultation with you, and the directors, of course. 

Another consideration for placement is your schedule and availability. Missing rehearsals is like missing quizzes, and missing a concert is like skipping a final exam! Choir is unlike any other kind of class—when you miss rehearsal or concerts, everyone suffers. 

WMU credit for participation in choral ensembles

Please register for your choral ensemble as a class. Course numbers for our choirs are MUS1120, MUS5120, MUS1070, MUS1080, and MUS2170.

You should plan to register for one of these courses before your audition. All pre-audition correspondence goes out through the email list associated with each class. To get all of the necessary information, you should be registered for the choir.  If you are accepted into a different choir than the one you registered for initially, then you will switch your registration. You can read about the choirs and see their rehearsal times under the "Ensembles" portion of this page.


For additional information, contact Dr. Kimberly Dunn Adams, associate professor of music. (269) 387-4715 | Email Dr. Adams