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Fridays For Future series

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Join us every Friday at noon for a FREE talk that will occur at a different coalition member location!

Experience high quality and engaging sessions from a range of experts and advocacy groups on the causes, consequences and actions for a carbon neutral future.

All events will be held from noon to 1 p.m.* and are free and open to the public. Please feel free to bring a lunch.

Winter/Spring 2020

January 10 – "Climate History to 1850: The Geological Record" – Fetzer Center, WMU
January 17 – "The Seas are Rising: Ocean Systems" – Fetzer Center, WMU
January 24 – "Debunking Climate Myths" – Fetzer Center, WMU
January 31 – "Climate Change in the American Mind" – Fetzer Center, WMU
February 7 – "Climate Impacts on the Great Lakes" – Fetzer Center, WMU
February 14 – "Climate Policies & Politics" – Fetzer Center, WMU
February 21 – "Making Your Voice Heard: Your Climate Vote" – Fetzer Center, WMU
February 28 – "Beyond Food Justice: Rights to Land, Water and Seed" – Office for Sustainability, WMU
Saturday, March 7 – "Regenerative Agriculture Panel" – Kalamazoo Nature Center
March 13 – "The Global Political Economy of Sustainability" – Fetzer Center, WMU
March 20 – "Carbon Neutral Power" – Office for Sustainability, WMU
March 27 – "Climate Reality: Building Resilience" – K College, Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership
April 3 – "Celebrating Food Around Lake Michigan" – KVCC, Culinary & Allied Health Building
April 10 – "Carbon Criminals, Climate Crimes" – Fetzer Center, WMU
Saturday, April 18 – "Kalamazoo Earth Day Celebration" – Bank Street Farmers' Market Site

Fall 2019

September 27 – "The Scientific Case for Urgent Action on Climate Change" by David Karowe, WMU Office for Sustainability
October 4 – "Institutions and Politics of the Climate Crisis" by Paul Clements – Kalamazoo Nature Center
October 11 – "Climate Refugees, Migrants and Displaced People" by Deirdre Courtney, Casey Schotter and Allen Webb, WMU Office for Sustainability
October 18 – "Empowering Youth to Act" – Kalamazoo Central High School
October 25 – "Meet the KCCC" – Arcus Center
November 1 – "Climate Action Planning in Higher Education" by Jeff Spoelstra and Sara Stockwood, WMU Office for Sustainability
November 8 – "Day of Student Action-TBA" by Kalamazoo Central High School students – Kalamazoo Central High School
November 15 "Low Carbon Cooking" Chefs: Hristina Petrovska and Lauren Johnson – Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership

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November 22 – "Gathering and Gifts: How to Holiday Differently" by Jenny Doezema – Kalamazoo Nature Center
December 6 – "Michigan Climate Policy" by Denise Keele and environmental policy and politics students – WMU
December 13 – "Eating for Climate Resilience" by Jenny Doezema and Hristina Petrovska – KVCC - Marilyn J. Schlack Culinary and Allied Health Building (418 E. Walnut St.)

Fridays for Future committee

Denise M Keele, WMU; Jenny Doezema, KNC; Hristina Petrovska, KVCC; Paul Clements, WMU; Jeff A Spoelstra, WMU OfS; Nichole Real, K College; Todd Bannon, PeaceJam; Sara Stockwood, K College; Moises R. Hernandez, K College; Fahimeh Baziari, KNC; David N Karowe, WMU; Barbara Taraskiewicz, KVCC; Allen Webb, WMU; Aida binti Amirul Bahri, WMU (

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