Undergraduate Programs

Graduates of WMU's computer science program have worked as entry-level programmers, systems analysts, testers, designers, maintenance programmers and software engineers. They have worked in both government and industry, in computer centers, as independent consultants, in research and development, and as applications programmers. Our students have gone on to graduate school and earned both masters and doctoral degrees in computer science. Graduates of our computer science programs now work around the globe, and some have started their own companies.

For the most complete information about computer science majors, consult the WMU Catalog.

Computer science

Computer Science Major 

Our current major offers a bachelor of science in computer science. The flexibility of this major allows students to pursue many different careers in computing including academic research or teaching, commercial or governmental software development, internet applications development and management, data management and analysis. The major will provide a general, but solid foundation in computer science.


This fully online, interdisciplinary program leverages the strength of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Haworth College of Business. Additional detailed information is available.

Data science

The departments of computer science and statistics jointly offer  a B.S. degree in data science. Data Science is a rapidly evolving discipline and sits at the intersection of statistics and computer science. This evolution has been driven by the exponential increase in processing power available and the ever-increasing amount of data now collected, stored and available in every facet of business, science and government. The growing need for big data means it is likely that most jobs for statistics graduates will include a big data component. It is also clear that many computer science undergraduate graduate job opportunities will involve big data as well. This B.S degree prepares practitioners in data science.