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Our approach

Hands-on learning with expert faculty in an environment that supports your success.

Are you forward thinking and determined? Do you love learning and using programming languages? As a WMU computer science student, you will learn to  design and implement programs and software systems using a variety of programming languages on several hardware platforms. You'll sharpen your programming skills working with teams and putting your creativity and resourcefulness to the test as you develop the confidence to become a programmer, systems engineer or designer.

Computer science programs with purpose and vision

When you choose Western for your bachelor's, accelerated master's program or master's degree in computer science or cybersecurity, you will become part of a team that will be leaders in the industry. Your professors will support your academic progress and provide an environment where you can explore software, hardware, programming and much more. 

  • Computer scientists are in high demand—always have been and always will be. Artificial intelligence and the future, such as automated vehicles and robots, mean job security—the biggest benefit of the computer science career.

    Dr. James Rhodes, faculty specialist in computer science

Our Resources = Your Success

Professor talking to students and answering questions

Our Resources = Your Success

Floyd Hall—home of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences—has the resources for your success. Whether you are looking for career advice, help with classes or advising or want to meet a group of Broncos engineers, you have access to opportunities to fill your needs.

Mey Wong

  • I have friends who go to one of the bigger schools in the state, and they have big lecture halls with probably hundreds of students. Here at Western, we still have classes with a lot of people, but they're more condensed and professors are more willing to reach out to individual students.

    Mey Wong, B.S.'22