Student scholarship money allocated to the Department of Computer Science and arising from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences differential tuition will be used for the primary purpose of attracting and retaining top students in the computer science program.


Students eligible for this scholarship generally are entering freshmen who shall have a minimum 3.75 high school grade point average and a minimum 30 on the mathematics portion of the ACT. Money remaining after the above allocation may be used for one-time awards for other entering students or current students with high WMU and department g.p.a.

Allocation Process

As new students are admitted to a department program, high school g.p.a. and ACT scores will be monitored, and a ranked order of students will be maintained. Initial awards will be made to students in early March for the following fall term. The department chair in consultation with the Department Executive Committee will create a rank ordered list of eligible students, and awards will be made on the basis of projected available money.

Award Amounts

The award will be for four years (8 semesters) and will be a minimum of $500 per semester and a maximum of $1,000 per semester. If after acceptances of scholarships money remains, that money may be used to make additional awards on a one-semester basis or increase original offering amounts on a one-semester basis. A one-time award of $300 will be given to the Presidential Scholars from the Department during an academic year.

Criteria for Maintaining

Scholarship recipients will be reviewed annually by the department chair and the executive committee. To continue receiving the scholarship, students must:

  • maintain a minimum g.p.a. of 3.0 overall and 3.2 in the program measured at the end of each spring term.
  • be enrolled as a computer science major and making appropriate progress toward the degree.
  • be continuously enrolled full time during the academic year semesters.

If a student loses the scholarship based on the criteria above, the scholarship will not be re-instated.


Students shall not receive funds from this scholarship in years in which they are recipients of the Colonel Bayliss Scholarship or scholarships arising from the Medallion Program.