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Student organizations

Participating in a student organization related to your major is a great way to participate in research and build projects, work in a lab, enhance your academic experience, develop professional skills and make friends. Lots of friends—from all over the world. You'll have fun not just working together but making lifelong memories.

WMU Computer Club

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When you join the Computer Club at Western Michigan University, you'll become part of a group that promotes a better understanding of computers and has a lot of fun. All WMU students regardless of major or technical knowledge are welcome.

Bronco Cybersecurity Club

The Bronco Cybersecurity Club is open to all Western students regardless of major. You'll learn about the cybersecurity field, practice techniques and have fun. 


Looking for more student groups?

Students will tell you -- Western has an unlimited number of groups and activities to enhance your college career. Check out other student groups to learn more.