The Computer Club

The Computer Club at Western Michigan University exists to promote a better understanding of computers for both members of the club and members of the WMU community. This goal is achieved through various club projects, member presentations, Linux Install Parties, and discussions at our meetings. Do you need help getting your computer to function properly? Are you interested in installing Linux? Do you just want a place to hang out and have a good time? If the answer to any of those questions or any other question is 'yes' then you should come check us out. We welcome anyone (regardless of computer experience) who is willing to share whatever talents they have, listen to others, and have a good time. [more]

UPE - Upsilon Pi Epsilon

Upsilon Pi Epsilon is the International Honor Society for the Computing Sciences. The society was founded at Texas A&M University in 1967. It is recognized by The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), two of the most well know scientific and professional societies for computer scientists and computer engineers. In 1997 UPE was formally admitted as a member of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS). [more]

IEEE - West Michigan Section

The IEEE (Eye-triple-E) is a non-profit, technical professional association of more than 380,000 individual members in 150 countries. The full name is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., although the organization is most popularly known and referred to by the letters I-E-E-E. Through its members, the IEEE is a leading authority in technical areas ranging from computer engineering, biomedical technology and telecommunications, to electric power, aerospace and consumer electronics, among others. [more] Resources

These projects are part of a comprehensive database of scholarships and potential careers for anyone interested in pursuing a degree in computer science. The directory filters scholarships and looks at the different career opportunities by a variety of characteristics, ensuring students find ones that they are eligible for. This type of information is very valuable to today's students who are not only dealing with the competitive nature of higher education, but also the rising costs associated with them. [Scholarships] [Careers]