Student Success Centers

Note: Beginning April 24, the Student Success Centers are closed. When tutoring hours become available, they will be posted here.

STEP STudent Success centers

STEP provides content tutoring to all students FREE of charge. Two convenient SSC locations are located in Eldridge/Fox hall (Engineering House) and at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Floyd Hall).

Academic help is available for:

• Math

• Physics

• Chemistry

• Computer science

• Most Engineering Subjects


LOCATIONS AND hours of operation

Floyd Hall : College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Room B-122 in Floyd Hall
  • Open Monday through Friday. 

Eldridge/Fox: Valley III (Engineering House)

Students who do not live in Eldridge Hall who wish to visit the Student Success Center will need to call the front desk to be let inside. For entry to Eldridge call (269) 387-6625. 

  • Room P110
  • Open Sunday through Thursday, 7 p.m.  until Midnight
  • For non-resident entry to Eldridge Hall, call (269) 387-6625 when you arrive.

Online only academic support

  1. Connect via Microsoft Teams.
  2. Log in to Microsoft Teams in your web browser (Google Chrome recommended). Go to and log in  using your and password. (It's important to include "" after your Bronco NetID at this login.)
  3. Click on Teams app logo and Teams will open in a new browser tab.
  4. Click the gold button below to go to the CEAS Academic Support Hub team. When you see the "Stay better connected ..." message in your browser, click Use the web app instead. Click Join Now.
    Engineering and Applied Sciences Tutoring Hub WMU Academic support hub 
  5. You will automatically be in the "General" channel. In the left-side menu, look for the major you need help with and join that channel.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “start a new conversation."
  7. Type your name and the class you need tutoring on. Example: "I’m Buster B. I need help with CHEM 1100."
  8. Tutors will be monitoring this section and will respond to each student.
  9. Tutors will open a video chat with the student. Click Join Chat when the invitation appears. If a chat has already been started in that channel, feel free to join!
  10. Other students may be able to join this chat (at your discretion), if they need help with the same subject. 

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