Student Success Centers

Service Continuity Update (3/25/2020)

By now, you have received multiple communications from President Montgomery and our Provost, Dr. Jennifer Bott, regarding the university’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. WMU remains open and the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Student Success Centers are here to supply academic help for Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and most Engineering subjects. The College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Student Success Centers office is available Monday through Friday, noon to midnight

In alignment with courses being offered through distance education for the remainder of the semester, College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Student Success Centers services will be offered from a distance as our staff works remotely during this time. You will be able to receive tutoring via email, Microsoft Teams discussions, and video chat.

To join the Student Success Center Microsoft Teams site, log into with your BroncoNetID, click on the Teams app logo. Select “Join or Create Team” and enter code fm4hbon to join. For more information about your remote tutoring options and detailed instructions about joining the team see below.

If you have questions or problems, contact our office at 269-276-3316 or send an email to Anetra Grice or Ben Carr.

Your success is our top priority and we will do our best to serve your needs. Thank you for your patience and be well!



Academic help is available for:

• Math

• Physics

• Chemistry

• Computer science

• Most Engineering Subjects



General Procedure

  1. Log in to Microsoft Teams in your web browser (Google Chrome recommended), go to and log in - use and password. (It's important to include "" after your Bronco NetID at this login.)
  2. Click on Teams app logo and Teams will open in a new browser tab.
  3. Click "Join or Create Team" and enter code fm4hbon to join.
  5. The channels listed to the left are organized by major. Check to see if your questions has already been answered in the appropriate area. If not, type your name and the class you need tutoring on, like this: "I’m Buster B. I need help with ECE 2100." Share as much information as possible to help tutors understand your question. 
  6. Tutors will be monitoring this section and will respond to each student. If a tutor is not available immediately they will attempt to answer your question at their earliest convenience.
  7. Tutors can open a video chat with the student. When you receive the video chat notification, click Join Chat.
  8. Other students may be able to join this chat (at the tutor's discretion) if they need help with the same subject.
  9. During the video chat, you can hover over the icons in the middle of the page to unmute your microphone and turn on your camera. There are three dots where you can change your settings if you have problems hearing or issues with your camera.

Other remote tutoring options

 Bronco Study Zone, Math Tutor Lab, & Physics Help Room

Questions or problems?

Email  or