Graduate Student Publications

Graduate Student Publications

Twitter Sentiment Analysis with a Deep Neural Network: An Enhanced Approach using User Behavioral Information

Authors: A S M Alharbi and E de Doncker

J. Cognitive Systems Analysis 14 (2019), pp. 50-61,

Regularization with Numerical Extrapolation for Finite and UV-Divergent Multi-loop Integrals

Authors: E de Doncker, F Yuasa, K Kato, T Ishikawa, J Kapenga, O Olagbemi

Computer Physics Communications 224 (2018), pp. 164-185,

Also preprint arXiv:[hep-ph]

A Novel Fuzzy Based Human Behavior Model for Residential Electricity Consumption Forecasting

Authors: M Alrizq and E de Doncker

2018 Power and Energy Conference in Illinois (PECI), 2018 IEEE, pp. 1-7,

SMF: Approximate Algorithm for the Planted (l, d) Motif Finding Problem in DNA Sequences

Authors: H Al-Shaikhli and E de Doncker

Conf. BIOCOMP (Bioinformatics and Computational Biology), pp. 123-129 (2018), ISBN: 1-60132-471-5,

A Language for Mandatory Integrity Controls

Authors: Wassnaa Al-Mawee, Paul J. Bonamy (Washington State University – Vancouver), Steve Carr and Jean Mayo (Michigan Technological University)

To appear in the 5th International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP 2019), Prague, Czech Republic, February 23-25, 2019.

PHeDHA: Protecting Healthcare Data in Health Information Exchanges with Active Data Bundles

Authors: Wesam Fadheel, Raed Salih and Leszek Lilien

The 17th IEEE International Conference On Trust, Security and Privacy In Computing and Communications (IEEE TrustCom-18) New York, USA, 2018.

On Feature Selection for the Prediction of Phishing Websites

Authors: Wesam Fadheel, Mohamed Abusharkh and Ikhlas Abdel-Qader

15th IEEE Intl. Conf. on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing (PICom-2017), Orlando, USA, 2017

Pervasive Trust Foundation for Security and Privacy in Opportunistic Resource Utilization Networks.

Authors: Ahmed Al-Gburi, Abduljaleel Al-Hasnawi, Raed Salih, and Leszek Lilien.

Chapter TBD in: N. I. Udzir et al., "Opportunistic Networks: Mobility Models, Protocols, Security & Privacy," CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, FL, 2018.

Pushing Data Privacy Control to the Edge in IoT Using Policy Enforcement Fog Module

Authors: Abduljaleel Al-Hasnawi, and Leszek Lilien.

3rd International Symposium on Real-time Data Processing for Cloud Computing (RTDPCC 2017 – II), in conjunction with the 10th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC 2017), Austin, TX, December 5-8, 2017.

Differentiating Security from Privacy in Internet of Things — A Survey of Selected Threats and Controls

Authors: Ahmed Al-Gburi, Abduljaleel Al-Hasnawi, and Leszek Lilien.

Computer and Network Security Essentials," Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, 2018.

AtexRace: Across Thread and Execution Sampling for In-house Race Detection

Authors: Yu Guo, Yan Cai, and Zijiang Yang.

17th ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE). September 4-8, 2017. Paderborn, Germany.

GUICat: GUI Testing as a Service

Authors: Lin Cheng, Jialiang Chang, Zijiang Yang and Chao Wang.

Proceedings of the 31st IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE).

Justifying the Transition from Trustworthiness to Resiliency via Generation of Safety Cases

Authors: Chung-Ling Lin, Wuwei Shen, and Steven Drager.

17th IEEE/ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Parallel/Distributed Computing (SNPD 2016), The paper has been selected as one of the top 15 papers published by Studies in Computational Intelligence (SCI), Springer, Germany 2016, pp. 57-73.

Support for Safety Case Generation via Model Transformation

Authors: Chung-Ling Lin, Wuwei Shen, and Richard Hawkins.

Medical Cyber Physical Systems Workshop 2016 (Medical CPS 2016), Vienna, Austria, April 2016, To appear in ACM SIGBED Review.

A Framework To Support Generation and Maintenance of An Assurance Case

Authors: Chung-Ling Lin, Wuwei Shen, and Steven Drager.

27th IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering 2016 (ISSRE 2016) industry track, Ottawa, Canada, October 2016.

MS-REDUCE: An ultrafast technique for reduction of big mass spectrometry data for high-throughput processing

Authors: Muaaz Gul Awan and Fahad Saeed.

Bioinformatics 2016, 32: 1518-1526.