Photo of Christopher Cheatham
Vice Provost
(269) 387-2357
Photo of Heather Rood
Business Manager Associate
(269) 387-4432
Photo of John Brown
SalesForce CRM Administrator
(269) 387-4320
Photo of Erika Carr
Director, Precollege Programming
(269) 387-3327
Photo of Carrie A Cumming
(269) 387-4325
Photo of Shashanta James
Director of Student Financial Aid
Photo of Alicia Kornowa
Director of Admissions
(269) 387-2000
Photo of Lorrie Racine
Data Integrity Coordinator
(269) 387-2035
Photo of Mike Roe
Director of Information Technology
(269) 387-4969
CRM System Training Specialist
(269) 387-2018
Associate Provost for Enrollment Management