Strategic planning

Strategic priority 1: Strengthen our identity inside and outside WMU

Strategic objective 1: Improve communications

Proposed actions:

  • Obtain University Relations approval for Facebook page (completed)
  • Hire outside vendor to send out e-mail blasts about our events (completed)
  • Design and order banner that can be used at events to clearly associate them with the Center (completed)
  • Investigate starting a You Tube channel to post Center events (completed)
  • Purchase equipment for recording and posting panels and lectures (completed)

Strategic objective 2: Establish a sense of place

Proposed actions:

  • Establish meeting space in new offices on 2nd floor of Moore Hall (completed)
  • Post signage that is visible and gives new space coherence (completed)

Strategic objective 3: Increase Center’s visibility

Proposed action:

  • Hold bioethics conference in Spring 2016 linked to Center’s 30th anniversary celebration (completed)

 Strategic priority 2: Improve access to our resources

Strategic objective 1: Make resources easier to find

Proposed action:

  • Centralize location of physical resources (books, DVDs, etc.) at new offices (completed)

Strategic objective 2: Make resources easier to use

Proposed actions:

  • Barcode all physical resources using software that allows users to search collections (completed)
  • Cross-list collections with library in Department of Philosophy (in progress)
  • Install software on computer station that can be used on-site to search collections (completed)

 Strategic priority 3: Involve more undergraduates in our programming

Strategic objective 1: Promote events on Facebook

Proposed actions:

  • Link Facebook page to website (completed)
  • Update Facebook page regularly (completed)
  • Run contests on Facebook to generate student interest (first contest ran December 2015)

Strategic priority 4: Improve effectiveness of personnel

Strategic objective 1: Investigate alternative staffing options

Proposed actions:

  • Investigate alternative avenues for identifying, developing and retaining quality GAs (completed)
  • Hire doctoral associates when possible to reduce turnover (in progress)
  • Investigate alternatives for supplementing GAs (e.g., undergraduate interns, hourly employee) (in progress)
  • Investigate alternative avenues for identifying, developing and retaining quality Ethics Bowl coaches (completed)

Strategic objective 2: Facilitate leadership of the Center

Proposed action:

  • Request additional release time for Center co-directors, associate director(s)

 Strategic priority 5: Stabilize funding for general operating expenses

Strategic objective 1: Establish general operating funding for Center as a line item in CAS budget

Proposed action:

  • Meet with dean to clarify budget status (completed)