Biology and Medicine

Medical ethics and bioethics have been major emphases for the Ethics Center since it was founded. 

The center’s efforts in medical ethics and bioethics have been led by Associate Director and Professor Emerita of Philosophy Dr. Shirley Bach. Bach has worked closely with the local medical community for many years, developing ethics programming and providing expert consultation.  She supported the work of the Ethics Center in sponsoring biomedical ethics speakers and programs. She established two endowments to support bioethics speakers and programming.

More recently, the center has helped sponsor the interdisciplinary WMU Medical Humanities Workgroup, co-founded by advisory board member Dr. Fritz Allhoff and former staff member David Charlton. The workgroup explores ethics and other humanistic dimensions of medicine through an annual conference and other activities. Allhoff, Charlton and others connected to the center also helped develop curricular content for the successful accreditation application of the WMU Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine.