Center Library

The Western Michigan University Center for the Study of Ethics in Society maintains a small library of works in ethics and philosophy. Students, faculty and staff may check out books for four weeks. To check out a book, stop by the center during office hours. Book donations are welcome.

The collection may be searched by author, title or the following subject categories:

  • Biomedical ethics
    Bioethics anthologies, health care issues and end-of-life decisions.
  • Business ethics
    Anthologies, corporate responsibility, and managerial and employee rights.
  • Critical reasoning
    Books on critical reasoning, argument analysis and logic.
  • General ethics
    General ethics anthologies and introduction to ethics books.
  • General philosophy
    Introduction to philosophy books, classic works, philosophy of science and epistemology, and political philosophy.
  • Journals
    Copies of journals owned by the center, both general philosophy and ethics specifically.
  • Legal philosophy
    Books in general legal philosophy.
  • Social ethics
    Philosophy of public policy as well as race, gender and class issues.
  • Other ethics
    Books on specific topics, including academic and children’s ethics, environmental ethics, ethics and religion, war, communications and journalism, revenge, and lying.