Evaluation and Research Services

We can evaluate your program, partner with you on the evaluation section of your grant application, or conduct custom research activities.

The Evaluation Center employs a team of multi-disciplinary professional evaluators who are available to conduct evaluations and provide custom research services for your project.  These activities fall into three main categories.

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    Evaluation of Existing Programs

    Need an evaluator? Our staff has the experience and expertise necessary to evaluate your program or project. We work with both well-established programs and new ones that are just starting up.

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    Partnership on Grant Applications

    Are you applying for a government or foundation grant? We will work with you to develop a compelling plan for evaluating your proposed project. We have extensive experience partnering on successful applications to federal agencies such as NSF, NIH, NASA, and the Department of Education.

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    Custom Services

    Do you need help with a specific aspect of your evaluation or research project? We can help with developing logic models, designing and conducting surveys, data analysis, and more.