The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University is committed to advancing the theory, practice and utilization of evaluation through research, education, service and leadership.



 EvaluATE's most recent webinar recording, "How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When Writing Evaluation Plans for ATE Proposals" is now available. For webinars, resources, and more visit



We just added a new checklist on Effective Communication Strategies for Interviews and Focus Groups to the Evaluation Checklist Project. You can find it in the Data Collection and Analysis section.


EvaluATE received $775,000 in supplemental funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to expand its research activities. EvaluATE, operated by the Western Michigan University (WMU) Evaluation Center, is the evaluation hub for NSF’s Advanced Technological Education program.  The additional funding will support partnerships with Larry Mallak and Nolen Akerman from WMU’s Department of Industrial and Entrepreneurial and Engineering Management and Cody Williams and Robert Ruhf from the Science and Math Program Improvement (SAMPI, which is part of located within the Mallinson Institute for Science Education). Mallak and Akerman will work with EvaluATE to use “big data” analytic techniques to mine conventionally collected program evaluation data. Williams and Ruhf will be building on EvaluATE’s 20+ year history of ATE program monitoring to determine the program’s impact on two-year college students.


WMU's Evaluation Center teams up with CDC to boost disease surveillance and response amid pandemic.