The Evaluation Center

The Evaluation Center conducts high-quality program evaluations for internal and external clients and supports the field through resources, training, and research.

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    Goodwill Life Guides

    Creating customized measurement tools and building a system for tracking participant progress to strengthen the program's evaluation capacity and evaluate ongoing services.

  • Evidence-based Program Registries for Behavioral Health

    To determine the types and degrees of impact of evidence-based program registers (EBPRs) in behavioral healthcare on the effective dissemination and utilization of evidence-based programs and practices.

EC News

  • We're hiring! The Evaluation Center looking for a Marketing Specialist and a Project Assistant to join our Kalamazoo team. Learn more and apply at - search for posting #0606178 or #0606177.

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  • Lori Wingate, The Evaluation Center’s Executive Director, is a new coauthor of Program Evaluation: Alternative Approaches and Practical Guidelines, published by Pearson. Originally published in 1987, this is the book’s fifth edition.

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  • With SAMPI colleagues Robert Ruhf and Cody Williams, Evaluation Center staff members Megan Zelinsky and Lyssa Becho just published “Barriers to Collecting Student Participation and Completion Data for a National STEM Education Grant Program in the United States: A Multiple Case Study” in the International Journal of STEM Education. Their study is one of several research-on-evaluation projects conducted by EvaluATE.

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  • Melissa Dancy, Evaluation Center Principal Research Associate, and colleagues recently published “Evaluating the Impact of Malleable Factors on Percent Time Lecturing in Gateway Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics Courses” in the International Journal of STEM Education.

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  • Evaluation Center scholars Miranda Lee, Michael Maranda, and Steve Magura recently published “References to Evidence-based Program Registry (EBPR) Websites for Behavioral Health in U.S. State Government Statutes and Regulations” in the Journal of Applied Sciences. Their article is based on the Center’s NIH-funded study of the impact of evidence-based program registers.

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  • Evaluation Center Principal Research Associate Melissa Dancy is a coauthor of “Racism, Sexism, and Disconnection: Contrasting Experiences of Black Women in STEM Before and After Transfer from Community College,” published recently in the International Journal of STEM Education.

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