Project Personnel

The Fort St. Joseph Archeological Project would like to recognize the following people for their insights, contributions and other various roles of involvement with the project.

Fort St. Joseph archaeology advisory commission

  • Candace Skalla, Chair
  • Robert Ahrens, Vice Chair
  • Christina Aresneau, Vice Chair
  • Barbara Cook, Vice Chair
  • Mary Ellen Drolet, Vice Chair
  • Kristie Erickson, Vice Chair
  • Larry Horrigan, Vice Chair
  • Mollie Kruck, Vice Chair
  • Robert Myers, Vice Chair
  • Michael Nassaney, Vice Chair
  • Lawrence Sehy, Vice Chair
  • Marcus Winchester, Vice Chair
  • Sonya Phillips, City of Niles Liason

Project consultants

  • Terrance Martin, Curator of Anthropology Emeritus, ISM Research & Collections Center

2016 staff members

  • Tim Bober, Public Education Coordinator
  • Austin George, Lab Coordinator
  • Erika Loveland, Graduate Assistant
  • Liz Mantyck, Public Outreach Coordinator
  • Genna Perry, Public Outreach Coordinator
  • Gary Thompson, Field Assistant