Project Personnel

The Fort St. Joseph Archeological Project would like to recognize the following people for their insights, contributions and other various roles of involvement with the project.

Fort St. Joseph archaeology advisory commission

Christina H. Arseneau, Committee Chair

Mollie K. Watson, Committee Vice Chair

Robert Ahrens

Jamie Bennett

Andrea Burns

Matthew Bussler

Mary Ellen Drolet

Erika K. Hartley

Neil Hassinger

Leona Hein

Michael S. Nassaney (Recipient of 2022 State History Award for Distinguished Professional Service)

Lawrence Sehy

Sanya Vitale, City of Niles Liaison

Project consultants

Terrance Martin, Curator of Anthropology Emeritus, ISM Research & Collections Center

2024 staff 

Erika Hartley, Principal Investigator, Field School Director and Instructor