Foster Care Awareness Month


A Day in the Life of a Seita Scholar

Video Release  via Social Media

Tune in via our social media platforms during the month of May for a short student videos that depict a day in the life of our Seita Scholars on campus. Click below for A Day in the Life of a Seita Scholars on Facebook and Instagram.  

Fostering LGBTQIA2+ Supports on Campus 

Friday,  May 7th, 3-4PM

Virtual Event

Join Dr. Melinda McCormick (she/her) and MSW student E.T. Townsend (they/them) for a dialogue on creating safer spaces for Queer and Transgender students from foster care to university. For more information contact Melinda McCormick at or call 269 3873192. Click here to join this virtual event. 

Foster Parent Panel  with Bethany Christian Services

Thursday, May 13th,  7:30PM 

Virtual Event 

Foster Care Perspectives with WMU Seita Scholars - what do foster care alums want foster parents to know? Learn from young adults who have experienced living with foster families.  Bethany Christian Services will host a virtual  panel discussion for foster parents with Seita Scholars sharing their perspectives. For more information or to register, please contact Mary Holtapp at Bethany Christian Services, 269-492-1902 or . Click here to join this virtual event

Winning the Battle for Mental Wellness 

Wednesday,  May 19th, 2-3 PM

Virtual Event

We often consider issues of mental health through the lens of mental illness. But what does it mean to be mentally well?  How do we get there? In this session, we will examine and discuss strategies to fight the battle for mental wellness. Click here to join this virtual event. 


Thursday, May 27th,  3-4PM 

Virtual Event 

The Seita Scholars Program began in 2008 at WMU. This small program has had a tremendous impact on how all students are served on our campus at WMU, as well as students from foster care at other campuses. This presentation highlights some of the program’s impact, as well as the many lessons learned along the way. This discussion will be facilitated by the Director of the Seita Scholars Program, Ronicka Hamilton. Click here to join this virtual event.



Friday, May 28th,  1PM 
Virtual Event

Join authors Justin & Alexis Black former Seita Scholars for this interactive dialogue, as they provide tools related to self-love and creating ones own happiness. These entrepreneurs support hundreds of young people by encouraging individual experience through professional and personal growth. Now, with their new book, Redefining Normal, they are continuing the conversation on healthy relationships, mental health, and healing. Click here to join this virtual event